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Which is. And this is where the my of let emotion creep in. Just having time. Yeah. Succumbing Porsche nine one seven and that. Seven. Control. Yeah. Absolutely. So this was this was the one tyre year and British ending it right with Ferrari. So they were often qualifying for back and then having amazing race pace in this one. She MAC ape over second quicker than anyone else and sheltering tenths to third to Jenson Button, the second and then charge a foster Lonzo and with eleven twelve laps together together, and he had at least society second advantage, and given how Weli breeze pulse. Everyone else think also on. I was still on the engine that used to win in Bahrain. Previous rows. Right. So even turned down. But he just didn't make a mistake. She said the problem had was just didn't make any mistake. Anyway, he was sliding down. We needed to use the traction of the ran away in the right places. If you watch the if you're the reply obviously afterwards repay not from TV 'cause he's the rice famously where I went for bright with about. Three or four minutes to go. People wrote in and missed very free cross. I missed it. He just Margaret she gets the nose down the inside into tosa once twice prop is not a we can get within the second. These in the here. Yeah. So are have had a bit social media feedback on this. I've rated because San Marino it's hard to tight which is fair. But I think given the context of who is and the patient launch. They've got and the fat. And this kind of this is a long ago era chat to warm. Well, the pace you think is the key point neck is. I mean, how been saying recently that that's that's the the threshold isn't it you need really a second a lap over another driver to make a pass in ferry. Aero dependent cars most the numbers actually higher. Maybe it's gonna accounts when those nice. Now when there's even more arrow than there was then. So if she might go a second on everyone including Alonzo even on a slightly tricky, but not impossible to take on circuit. He probably should get the job this great defensive drive, isn't it? It's unusual parties guy. We talk about the thing is that kind of drives people though, everyone's will see sensational passes at that discipline and opening a foot wrong under intense pressure from an all time great, you know, so incredibly difficult and many many drivers would fold under. We said we said the had roles reversed in that. Nobody green rice two thousand seven months ago passed the nuns, I probably wouldn't have been. So that tells you drivers do they cracked? In fact, that was one of the criticisms often never him that in the rare occasions where he was under pressure. He folded the bit on occasional vocals, you did return the favors. I'm gonna throw. Here's. But it was everything that physicality Boston Suzuka. Yeah. It wasn't defending phantoms in the breaking areas renew where I guess you. Yeah. You trust the guy behind the economy. It's just based his judgement not cracking under pressure. It's just two very hard close. Drawers did not going back to the emotional side that you let creeping did Mark that sort of passing of the garden. It was the moment at which she could see again. Yeah. This finally this run being broken. Definitely that special rice and not even as that pace of answer. So what's number one, so reveal offing Fernando would probably agree with this because of the emotion here bit, again, the two thousand twelve European Grand Prix is Valencia street for it. So he he rates as his best rate. He he's one of the ones he mentions a lot when he's looking back. I think partly in front of his home crowd. But it's also it's just classical. It's swashbuckling streetfighting. Clearly, the call was in the chrome down the grade eleven this puts him into the having won grand prix from outside the top ten calls, which is very small class. It's hiney. Twenty three or twenty four or something like that house and we've out almost thousand rates, so you know, lots of teen. He did have a bit of lot. Some of the calls in the mid pack had slow stocks jumped limited. I would take a lot of cars got up third before safety car period and impossible to take on that, sir..

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