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Darnell frazier is the young now. Seventeen year old woman Who was happened on the scene. When derek chauvin was putting his knee on george floyd nick and she pulled out her phone and it so that video that many of us have seen that just disgusted turned our stomachs. Made us cry rage. All of that. She it's ten minutes actually she taped and As i've read other stories about her but she said she in the momma was thinking. I have to tape it and then should i tape it. But you know as you might because you're looking through the lens of something so horrific anyway The organization has decided to give her the organization's award of the pen venison courage award for her decision in that moment and as they say with courage and clear. I'd resolved are nella bore witness to a critical truth at great personal and emotional cost and our country is in her debt and that emotional and personal cost is that she's been harassed threatened death threats all of that because she took the video and posted it even by the way even people who acknowledged the grotesque police injustice here have criticised. They're saying why didn't she intervened. She's seventeen year old kid. She's heard over and over again saying please stop. Stop it all and more. I would argue that anyone. Four million ops. Exactly yes. I'm a minor seventeen years old. I'm not about to fight off a cop but we can hear her voice constantly. He can't breathe. Stop stop stop. Yeah schilling yeah it really is. I love the together. What are you doing this weekend. kelly i don't mean what are you doing in general. That's your business. What are you doing sunday. You could possibly share our with the mass politics props and we are looking mining. The data that we are pretty certain about thus far Yes we know that we're in a fluid situation and things could change at the top but down ballot. There are some interesting things that have happened including some some folks who've of who've gotten in aside from the cunanan people who've won their seats so it's interesting to see um we're looking at the youth vote and we've criticized. I know i have. Yeah but the came through this time and And youth vote the the young people of color specifically They made margins in a lot of down belt and in fact in in some of these groundbreaking states Right now where we're biden. His as his lead really is influenced by that. Of course we're talking about the influence of a black and brown voters on on biden's lead and what that means and what the ass will be as a result of this am interested in the influence of prominent republicans Outside of lincoln project who came forward to support by and then in addition to the lincoln project what was their influence in the end And what does it portend and more and more in that vein of interesting stuff to talk about one of the interesting things when biden assuming. He's the president-elect starts picking his cabinet. I don't think there's any doubt that he's going to pick at least one republican if not more guests to show right away that he's in across the guy that's gonna be very interesting to see who makes that Because a lot of high profile people did actually sport him so on the republican side. Ken will listening. Thanks so much good to talk to.

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