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T. now sports M. W. Toyota sports stats well we're going to do with this all players controls we don't know if for heaven's will coach Walter McCarty in a joyous locker room after Evansville from the Missouri valley conference knocked off number one Kentucky they did it last night on the road in Lexington you heard it in CBS news final score was sixty seven sixty four it's the first time that a valley team is beat and non conference number one on the road but the thirteenth time overall that the valley has knocked off a number one in college basketball Mizzou took Xavier to overtime on the road last night but lost the final score was sixty three fifty a blues also lost fell in a shoot out three two two at home to the Arizona coyotes snapping a seven game winning streak lots of cardinals news starting with this Mike shields Craig Counsell Brian snicker those were the finalists for manager of the year the announcement on MLB network last night in the rare instance when a manager with fewer first place votes ends up the winner Mike shield and the overall edge of a crate council by just seven total points she'll have both the council's thirteen but outscored in seventeen votes to eleven on the rest of the ballot to join hall of Famers Whitey Herzog and Tony.

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