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An annual look at US airlines. Researchers at Wichita state university who've crunched the numbers on on time performance and other stats put delta on top jet. Blue is number two south west third. Frontier. Airlines came in at the bottom of this week. We focus on issues at school. CBS's Barry Petersen looks at one in Colorado that uses money from marijuana taxes to tackle bullying before it gets to the playground. Good morning part. You hawks schooled park elementary includes the usual classes like reading and math. He's not allowed to play Ambi unusual classes on bullying Leslie, treat row plays with her third graders at bowling kit. They're saying that them they can't play G plays the bully to Tinley Medina Tinley you need to get out of here. We told you we weren't playing with you today. Andress Varela knows how to step in trying to invite to play with me because she. He would have been sad by being instructed of the exact words, then they have the ability to step up. Jones is the principal means the world if kids don't feel safe they're not gonna learn they're not going to achieve bullying incident. But twenty three percent for Parker. Daniel bullying was real. He was a target one boy was gonna beat me up on the buys, then whose friend Chloe Fernandez stood up to the bully glory used another tactic. She learned as part of the anti bullying program strength in numbers regrettable, inmates home to stop and what happened. He never did anything to park again. Because the other students knew how to help Parker's bad days are very Peterson CBS news Lamar, Colorado or Baylor had a double digit lead. When it lost one of its top players to injury in the final of the women's college basketball championship, they hung onto win on ESPN. Baylor's third national title and eighty to eighty one win over Notre Dame Virginia and Texas Tech tangled for the men's title tonight, Las Vegas and.

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