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To get a seven win effort talk to me about two lane, the boys from knowledge. Football team. You have to keep an eye on this year. I'm a big Willie Fritz fan. I think he does a terrific job. Get out coached all that very often they're sleeper, in the west division this year. They're returning production is not much football season here but it's all about Willie for its was improved a little bit last year. And they can do that this particular season here remember before he came along. Just one winning season thirteen years to lane. Take him to a bowl last football season here. Spoiler in the AFC this year, I n pressure on Phil Montgomery. I mean this Tulsa football program, very proud program having trouble winning close games. And you talk about Montgomery. He's on a hot seat as well. What about Tulsa physicians to be a team that every year high flying offense? You could always count on them to score a lot of points last few years now you can count on giving up a lot of points. You know, they kind of tracked backwards defensively that way. But last year amazingly though. One hundred twenty one yards a game last year. If Montgomerie can count on that this football season here hill back to where it needs to be. He's an offensive genius as the head coach and I can do just that. He'll end up getting football team back where they last year there were ravaged with losses, especially they were experiencing beat up with injuries football season here that eight one position losses. If he cuts. Football season here, they'll be competitive, I think also bounces back bid this year and Marquette, a great stat on Tulsa, how good they are not only straight up against the spread when they score how many points. Number thirty points. They are thirty one eight straight up in thirty nine against the spread so he can find a defense. That's that'll give it up and allow scored thirty points you'll probably be on the right side of the football.

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