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And the ad council stay connected stay informed 20 minutes of nonstop news traffic on the 4's the home of the huskies this is komo news komo news time twelve thirty and we're having technical issues trying to get to the abc network will continue with other programming here on komo news jump right to the top local stories us senator maria cantwell as again sounding the alarm about the need to better protect the nations energy grid from cyberattacks reports from bloomberg and the new york times last week said it was most likely russian back hackers behind a recent cyber attack to nuclear power plants cantwell is the ranking member of the senate energy and natural resources committee which held a hearing on grid security back in may for russia is believed to have deployed a cyber weapon in shutting down the ukraine's creative of twenty fifteen in 2016 and on march fourteen th of this year i asked the trump administration to protect it growing grid vulnerabilities from cyber attacks campbell says she's asking the trump administration to abandon proposed cuts to the department of energy and the office responsible for protecting energy networks from cyber attacks and doe has acknowledged the seriousness of the attack saying that they should be treated with importance as other national security threats well we hear donald trump jr has released what he says is the entire email chain ahead of his now highly controversial meeting with russian lawyer in a statement the president's son says he did that in order to quote totally be transparent abc's karen travers is the white house with more the vice president pence seen make it clear he wasn't part of the trump campaign at the time of this now controversial meeting between a russian lawyer and donald trump jr a spokesman for pence says the vice president was not aware of this meeting and also he isn't focused on stories about the campaign especially winds about the time before he joined the ticket karen travers abc news the white house the recall of defective air bags made by takata is expanding again abc scott goldberg with the.

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