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It's hard to figure it out yet. You don't give up a first round pick to get off a Brennan nights contract, and was you wanna die smokes? Your tax payments. Yes. So it's, it's interesting that I'm a believer but I guess we'll find out any other kind of takeaways from these three teams are there, any like guys that you like particularly objected to either making that spotter perhaps not being on the first team like the one that jumps out to me is after watching quiet Leonard in this playoffs? The fact that he did. Not make first team. And Paul George did. I mean I get it because Kyle implied like sixty game share. But to me, like having George over k d like I feel like what are we even doing here? Like is the thing burn. Kevin durant. Kevin dre wasn't credible this year. He was like, averaging corron assists. He was carrying the words and stuff was out like he was a two way player. He's seven feet tall. He just better than Paul George smoothies award. Sometimes I'm like, well, who even cares? Yeah. Well, that's the kind of question that, that all MBA begs is a snapshot of the season or should it be who we think, is the best at this time. I know some people look at MVP is that sort of voting as a base that on specifically, how that player did this season what he meant to his team. This is more about is the best at his position. It's really hard as you mentioned a to vote against come to rant. Yeah. Especially considering what he did before he got hurt here. When I thought it was interesting is that there were a lot of disagreements in the voting seem. Like there was pretty clear cut options, and now, perhaps, like, maybe you would have Colli in the first line, and someone probably have on the second all the fifteen guys were widely agreed upon seemed like the only spot where there's some like some sort of like disagreement was on those last two guards spots. Yeah, obviously Klay Thompson, did not take his rejection to not making thirteen while that. Well, I mean, I guess that's another thing to talk about. Big implications saving Golden State so much money 'cause I saving them max clay. That's, that's actually like, I think about really big 'cause that changes like their long-term payrolls situation a lot. That's like 'cause earned the repeater tax extra to thirty like sixty million. It's so weird..

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