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From wbur boston and npr on jane klay senate for thomas broken this is on point golden globe emily tony award winning actress mary louise parker is known for owning the stage in weeds the west wing angels in america the broadway play proof and the film fried green tomato now she's taking on the literary world with her first book it's a series of letters to the men in her life who she says shaped who she is this hour on point actress mary louise parker on her literary debut deal of mr huhne joining me from new york city mary louise parker the new book is called dear mr you so great to have you with us thank you so much thanks for having me so critics are calling this book dazzling they say your quote poets prose is lyrical funny sad strange and very often beautiful and quote the letters are a little characters sketches aren't they is that how you describe them i think of the the book really it isn't my story um the book it's it's really a bunch of thankyou notes as how i look on it and it's just little snapshots little illustrations of moments that affected me um specifically through my experiences with men and it's just a a little meditation a little celebration of the male gender and uh as a positive buck can it's meant to be full of gratitude in an and it's just a celebration of men that i've found heroic and compelling in our who held a mirror up to to me we know you from of course the west wing angels in america fried green tomato sauce how weeds you're acting has so often been praised as intense and raw invulnerable and i think the same can be said about your writing here what gave me the idea to structure this book as a series of letters to men who shaped your life um well.

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