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And then Jordan Jones from Kentucky. Honestly, I watched Jordan Jones and Josh Allen together, and I like Jordan Jones more mean. I think his game translates a little bit better to the next level. I think when you watch him, he's under size, he's listed like you know to fifteen or something. But this kid's quick, he's he's instinctive and he's not afraid to come down to only needs to get better as attack, but but he's not fearful coming downhill. He's not worried about coming down hill and trying to beat a block. And so I kind of liked that his mentality, his physicality was there other guys in the senior class stuff to watch? I've talked about this Auburn duo before in Daryl Williams into Sean Davis. Those guys were seniors this year, not Patrick from Georgia. I have watched athletic kid. He's got off the field issues to worry about was a starter for them at the SEC champs last year. So interesting player Drake, greenlaw from Arkansas to res- Hoffa Missouri and then underclassmen Devon, white. A lot of people think could be a top fifteen top twenty pick have not studied him yet. So I'm trying to see what he shows on film and then TJ Brunson from South Carolina in that mix as well. Let's get to the secondary. You know, I feel like I'm saying this every position group, but there's always a good long. It's in the SEC. We already talked about greedy Williams at LSU. What else she got de'andre Baker is probably the biggest name at in the senior classic corner. You know, he's just under six foot. He's a little bit light. One eighty five range, but this kid he's really good zone coverage. He's got good hands to finish the catch point. I'd say his speed is above average to good. Like I don't think he's a blazer, but I think he's got more enough speed to be able to play on the outside. I don't think he's got great quickness out of breaks. I think he'd be a little bit late to dribble at the top of a route and the other issue I've got kind of like what we talked about was greedy Williams earlier with dad. He can be a little bit late to my little bit slow to find the ball downfield. So those are the issues I've got with the Andre Baker, but I think he's a solid player overall. Kentucky's got a couple interesting kids a corner, Dirk Beatty and then Lonnie Johnson as well. Eighty six to he's one hundred ninety one. Pounds. He's got long ours. He's really quick for a long corner. I don't know though that he's speed is something that you would look at saying it's a leak. That'll be a little bit of a question Mark, and he's not a great run right now. That's honestly my biggest disappointment within considering his size. So that's the big thing with him there and then line Lonnie Johnson, it's the other corner. Another kid he's over six foot two. This kids over two hundred seven pounds. He's the prototype at press corner in terms of what people are looking at for looking for at that position. Now he's just not. He's the big question with him is speed and then starting experience. He's a big body kid. He can really help themselves with a strong senior year. So everyone's talking about Dirk baby, but don't forget about Lonnie Johnson as well. The other seniors in the SEC Jamal Peterson, Mississippi State Ken Webster from ole miss Keyshawn, Dixon and recite sent in from South Carolina, and then underclass relies auburn's gotta do, oh, they're in Java's Davis, and Jamal Deen Ronald kurkin from zoo and Jalen Jones from ole miss. Those are the corners. I've got my eye on going into the season..

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