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And i couldn't get the may open with one hand so i look around for where to put my piece of bread so i can get the jar open in. I can't find anywhere that i'm not scared to put my food on. So i place the bread on my head while i open the jar and my boyfriend walks in. He doesn't even ask anymore. He just started laughing and said. Why are you like this. I didn't even know how to explain. So i just. It was for the sandwich and went back to the fridge. Yes yes that is a cat like moment. I think that it was for. The sandwich is just perfect because oh okay then well well that explains it. I have to say that you're not the only one though I found myself in a heated discussion with a red tie. The other day yeah. I couldn't ever try to open the bread and the bread tie. And you think you've it twisting in the right direction but it's the wrong direction and then you reverse it and you start going the other way then you find out oh no it was right the first time and i went back and and so i had this argument with a bread. Tie it was. It was lengthy. usually. I don't get to argue with bread ties because by the time i get to the bread. The bread tie is no more. I get mad at them. It's been thrown away and just the twist and tuck and then initiate the twist and talk. It's much easier. Just twist the bread bag and tuck it under. Put it back yeah. The bread ties once. They anger me more than once. It's commonly referred to as bakery rage out. Now i've heard that so there's a graveyard in salt lake city and it's pretty typical. It's remarkable yet. it's beautiful within. the graveyard. is a tombstone. This tombstone is both dark and ominous. Oh it's tombstone. That's kind of confused. People but also intrigued them for generations. Now it stands at the head of the grave of lily gray in it's a simple plain flat stone. It's often covered items left by visitors including candy skulls and coins and various spooky items lily. Gray lily gray. The tombstone lists what you would expect to find on a tombstone. Her date of birth june sixth eighteen eighty one her date of death november fourteenth nineteen fifty-eight. It's the other writing and inscriptions on the tombstone than if confused and intrigued people since the stone was placed shortly after she died underneath. The dates is carved a sentence. It says victim of the beast. Six six six. Oh oh my victim of the beast. Six six six a reference to the anti christ as described in the book of revelations. Now i have iron maiden stuck in my head six six six. The number of the beast dog at those dylan guitars go in. Here's what revelation says and i beheld and other beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and he speak as a dragon any causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell save that he have the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six six six six. Yeah i think birth dickinson wrote that very first episodes. I e. May you might remember this. Maybe not it was eleven million years ago. It seems i did an episode on strange epitaphs and i did touch on this but i'm going to do a little bit of a deeper dive. I meant to get to this long before now. Because it's just intriguing. A lot to talk about a local researcher named ninette watts said that she's had some strange experiences by the graves. She said quote at the gravesite once they said it felt like someone poked him on the shoulder. Other people have sensed a presence there. Some who visit the grave site. I have even seen unexplained lights. Dancing in and around the tombstone for decades people have tried to figure out the meaning of this epitaph. What's the motive of this reference to the anti christ. I'm lillies gravestone. Who put it there. Is it something that she requested. Also on the tombstone are flowers that are carved in and around the edges. These flowers are primroses to be. exact in. Primroses are often referred to as the devil's lantern. Have you ever heard that you. You know about flowers yeah. I'm not familiar with that. Now i know primrose from the hunger games series. That's not helpful now. So who is lily. Gray let's start there. According to utah dot gov little is known about lily's life before her move to utah in nineteen fifty. Her death certificate says. She was born in canada to a wilmer and francis gray now on her death certificate. It says her birthday was june fourth eighteen eighty but her tombstone says june sixth eighteen eighty one not clear why probably just a clerical error so using her birth information interference names on a death certificate. It appears that our family may have migrated to the united states from canada arriving in michigan in time for the one thousand hundred to nineteen ten federal census. Their names appear on that. It also appears as though she may have married then divorced quickly somebody with the last name of zimmerman on july tenth nineteen fifty two. She married a guy named elmer grey in elko nevada. She was seventy two at the time he was seventy. One speculation is that elmer may have been living in salt. Lake city already There's a city directory entry from one thousand nine hundred fifty two. That has him at four. Twenty angelo avenue lily joined him in nineteen fifty three. They lived on west apricot and from fifty five to fifty six. They lived on pacific avenue shortly after this period is when lily died. Now there are many theories as to why such a ominous message was carved into her tombs. No many stories in rumors swirl. I know i'm curious about the tombstone. Some say that she was the first witch in utah. I doubt it and other stories that she was led away from her family by a strange man who then brought her back in a box. These are urban legends. Clearly there's no basis of fact here. It's just hey this would be a cool story. One theory is that lily died in a car wreck on highway. Six sixty six. There is a highway sixty six and it does stretch through a part of utah. I would never drive on route sixty six. Of course you would route sixty six yes. That'd be fun route. Six is the highway to hell. I used to live in a house. That and the address the street address. Six anything weird ever happened now. At the time that lily died she reportedly lived in the vicinity of the highway so this theory is plausible still. We don't call roads the beast but this highway had a had a history of fatal accidents. Okay time it'd happened quite frequently in fact that might be a good episode in and of itself route six six or highway six six and

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