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I am not one of them going forward. I it's like for me. Nothing has changed. Obviously the market has changed and what we are still trying to do is figure out what exactly is the market. So for example in Minnesota comic stores are closed. There are many other states where they are allowed to do curbside pickup so if they have new comics to sell their customer bases can pull up out front. Having ordered down retailer walks out puts them in the back seat or the trunk just like takeout food and they can drive away with their comments. Part of what we're doing is trying to figure out how many of those stores are still wanting new comics versus. How many don't because they're closed by the government what happens when a distributor who basically service the entire industry is no longer shipping books. So we have all these logistical things. Were trying to take care of right now but in the meantime for us at DC we are continuing to push ahead and create comics with the hope that will be able to get them out on the marketplace fairly soon. So let's say you do stop providing comics to these stores that are still open when everything opens up. Let's say there's a magical day where they all open at once so it's not going to happen but let's say that does happen do think it'll be staggered and released. Let's say you have four issues a night wing that are stacked up or will they just all be available on that day? What's what's your opinion of that. I think it depends on how.

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