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I, I wrote a book, feel, I wrote a book about my life and my career in split a lot of things that happened to me that we talked about, you know, how I had to keep getting up met in order to live another day. So I wrote this book and I'm real proud of it. I'm looking to get get somebody, I've been working to get somebody help me. Write it edited and get it published. And that's my next. That's my next project to find someone to help me write it. Get it published. Have it out for people by? So what did you write the book for you? Rupe? Or did you write it for fans? You know, when I start writing the book, I was just I was writing. I want to give another side of the story, you know, I've always thought that no matter how you slice it feel there's two sides. Slice, you want to, but it's still too sides. So I want to get another side which was mine. And I haven't talked I haven't said anything and over thirty years. So of course I went to a lot of bad times. But I start writing a book and I say, I might help somebody after Lou while I realise hip myself because I was getting real things that was inside of me that needs to come out, and it made me feel real good. And I know that when people read this book is gonna make them feel good to it's gonna make them think. I get tipped the scale little bit. Give us give us a appoint or to that a what some of the things that you wrote that helped you what, what, what did you need to put down on paper? I forgot how good a ballplayer was because I had up and down to injuries. And I really forgot how good I was and I was in. I was in Texas at the airport. This is two thousand twelve and I had been telling my wife about Nolan Ryan's known around was greatest competitor and wanted to tough his pitches. I've been faced in my life. And I said, you know, it was it was it was it was a different experience base in him. So we have to report in Austin in known Iran's airport, because I said, baby baby, they go, they're going on Iran. So I go to Nolan known around repercussions and he looked at me. Like you know who I was. So I got my wife did. I'm kinda embarrassed. You put Betty on them. Oh man. So we went to security, and he came up to me. You'll hit a home. Run off me, Mike. Thirty years ago. He said, I'm still mad about it. Oh my goodness. It's still remember thirty years ago. I said, Jimmy Christmas, I said, don't worry about Nolan said, oh, the first hit, I have you in two years. In another story. Herro bane, the great hero, Baynes, Baynes, Chicago, White Sox, or saw the man's got me to ballpoint one day throw the first pitch out. So I'm down the field talking to Chris Chambliss, who was the hitting coach de particular time. So Chris, and I was talking in Harold Baines came up to us. He's a hey, Chris, he hit a ball out of Comiskey in. Chris looked at me. And what is a he hit a ball out of Comiskey? That's when echo. Big ball, talk in the world. Oh my goodness. And I hit the ball, we have the story was I faced Tom Seaver, the first time I face Tom Seaver hit a double off the left, centerfield, wall, and basically, loaded..

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