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Is thrown off kilter school officials took turns at the podium while students video conferencing from home dressed in caps and gowns your forecast cloudy skies today with a few sunny breaks tonight will have scattered showers and afternoon highs will be in the mid to upper sixties right now it's sixty three degrees in downtown Seattle I Medicaid stream Cairo radio at home on your smart speakers Cairo radio aber Michael with west dot com Cairo radio your first source said no one understand coronavirus it's the weekend and that can only mean one thing your listening to Jill on money the show that takes the mystery out of your finances here's your host Jill Slazenger they're back it is our number two of the Jill on money show and we are broadcasting from the policy genius virtual studios Policygenius is the easy way to compare and buy insurance just good at policy genius dot com well we have been trying to comb through our archive and an interview that we had conducted a few years ago was with one of my favorite interviewees might probably like my top five guests of all time of all which is amazing right and we think it's especially relevant to these times the guest is Cathy o'neil Cassie had written.

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