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The opening of a new civil rights museum and mississippi this weekend is drawing controversy npr's debbie elliott says some of the scheduled speakers say are offended by the importation and won't be there democratic congressman john lewis of georgia a civil rights icon says he won't participate in saturday's dedication of the mississippi museum lewis and mississippi democratic congressman benny thompson say it's an insult for trump to be there given his racially divisive comments republican governor phil bryant is rejecting calls to rescind the president's invitation the united states should be able land and we're very fight will that he is going to come up with this restored to pay the white house issued a statement saying it's unfortunate that lewis and thompson won't joined the president in honoring the incredible sacrifice of civil rights leaders debbie elliott npr news the white house says the president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel should not affect future peacetalks as npr scott horsely reports administration officials say trump is moving forward with plans to have the us embassy moved from tel aviv this will happen overnight officials say takes years to build a new embassy anywhere let alone the middle east but by launching this process the white house as trump is keeping a campaign promise other presidential candidates made the same process then reconsidered once they were in the white house no other country has has its embassy in jerusalem npr scott horsely reporting you're listening to npr news authorities in northwest new mexico town of aztec have released little information on his shooting there at a high school thursday three people ended up dead including.

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