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<Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> Thanks <Speech_Male> again for listening to <Speech_Male> sports criminals. <Speech_Male> We'll <Speech_Male> be back next week with <Speech_Male> part two of Rosie <Speech_Male> Reza's story. <Speech_Male> We'll <Speech_Male> see how her story <Speech_Male> eventually crumbled. <Speech_Music_Male> Our <Speech_Male> life was affected. <Speech_Male> After <SpeakerChange> the truth <Speech_Male> was revealed. <Speech_Male> You can find all <Speech_Male> episodes of sports <Speech_Male> criminals and <Speech_Male> all other podcast <Speech_Male> originals for free <Speech_Male> on spotify. <Speech_Male> Not only spotify <Speech_Male> already. Have <Speech_Male> all your favorite music. <Speech_Male> But now spotify <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> is making it easy <Speech_Male> for you to enjoy <Speech_Male> all your favorite <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> podcast originals <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> like sports criminals <Speech_Male> for free from <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> your phone <SpeakerChange> desktop <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> or smart speaker <Speech_Male> to stream <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> sports criminals <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> on spotify <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> just open the APP <Speech_Male> tap browse and <Speech_Male> type sports <SpeakerChange> criminals <Speech_Male> in the search bar. <Speech_Male> And don't forget to follow <Speech_Male> us on facebook <Speech_Male> and Instagram. <Speech_Male> At podcast <Speech_Male> and twitter <SpeakerChange> at podcast <Speech_Music_Male> network. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> We'll see you next time. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> Sports Criminals was <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> created by Max <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Cutler and is a podcast <Speech_Male> studios original <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> it <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> is executive produced <Speech_Male> by Max Cutler <Speech_Male> Sound Design <Speech_Male> by Stephen Davies <Speech_Male> with production <Speech_Male> assistance by Ron <Speech_Music_Male> Shapiro in Carleen <Speech_Music_Male> Madden. <Speech_Male> This episode of Sports <Speech_Male> Criminals was written <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> by Ryan Lee <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> with writing assistance <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> by Abigail Cannon <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and stars <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Tim Johnson <Speech_Music_Male> and Carter Roy <Music> <Silence>

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