House Intelligence Committee, The House, FBI discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Now republicans on the house intelligence committee voted dramatically last week that they would make this memo this damning memo available to all members of the house now that's surprised democrats on the intelligence committee who didn't even know this memo existed but this is now led to a huge right wing campaign to demand that this memo be declassified and released to the public again to be clear this is just a memo written by house republicans it's not like it's a secret justice department document that's been unearthed through incredible detective work it's not like of something that has been prised out of the fbi and now must see the light of day this is something house republicans wrote themselves and now they've created a campaign saying it must be released this thing we wrote ourselves but this release the memo cause has become a leading cause of russian bahts and trolls online hashtag release the memo has gone around many hundreds of thousands of times in the past few days whatever it is the house republicans are trying to ginned up with this memo that they wrote the russian bots online are doing everything they can to help is weird that released the memo is both a rallying cry for republicans and for russians online the secret republican group seemingly wants everybody to see their memo attacking the fbi with one exception i should tell you they are not showing this imperial to the fbi the fbi has reportedly asked for nunez for a copy quote in order to evaluate the information and take appropriate steps if necessary.

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