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C._N._N.'s American woman they were supposed to do it as a theory they abandoned that idea I guess because they had actually an extreme amount of outcry I never got an official response from them but there was a lot of people who were <hes> inundating them in my defense which I appreciate. I'll always appreciate the way that people show up to protect <hes> me and other black women around around black women's proprietary work so that was so and then there was a T._v.. Show I think it was on F._X.. Called American woman <hes> they came out after my project and now there's a movie starring Sienna Miller Club America woman but I actually actually have had the copyright core that for a couple of years now I'm actually working on renewing it right now. which is just it's always a car? It's always a cost financially and it's a time thing because you have to crew and for anybody who wants to copy write something on and protect their work. You have to monetize it which is kind of interesting to me like I have a lot of thought one that living in a capitalistic society how you can't actually own your own idea and protect it from other people unless you're purposely monetize it and making money off of it so that's that's kind of interesting with a product like American because although I do I have a coffee table ghosted I put out at some point in the in the next year or two. It wasn't ever to make money like I don't WanNa make money off of the women who have trusted me and shared their stories with me although they don't mind they're like girl gets money like we believe in you. We let me quit our image and likeness and and your hands because we trust you so you need to sell something to make this happen in to continue like protecting us in belting thin so be it but that's never wasn't American woman with four so else. That's the process I'm going through ongoing with America. Woman American woman is probably going to be on going all the way through twenty twenty to be perfectly honest with you but I do have a whole lot of other things that I'm working on as well because me being an artist artist and me being <hes> scatter brain with A._d._H._d.. I always have an idea and I'm always working on multiple things so I wanNA talk. I guess you know a little bit about that. Funding is interesting you mention that about how unless you're making. Money from your idea that's like the only way that you can protect it and also even in order to protect it. You've got to spend money on it like you have to buy a copy. You know get a copyright or trademark what have you I know when we last spoke. We were sort of talking about funding to projects that you had American with me and one of them. The other one was <hes> eighteen thirty nine MAG as you kind of look at American women and I guess any other projects that you're working on that we'll talk about what is your relationship now with funding. That's a great question I am he'll bill applying for grants although night in gung-ho cash and I was doing a couple of years ago just because I've found a way to execute things without being reliant on funding now there are always. I'm going to be some big huge ideas. I have that requires some kind of monetary compensation from someone. Who's not me 'cause I don't have you know I don't I don't have fifteen thousand dollars to fund anything except funding ending food into my children valve and and and keeping a roof over our head so I still believe in pursuing funding and grants but there is a time issue that is always a factor when it comes to grant some of them turn over over pretty quickly like they'll give you response within a month and you'll have that check on the second month and that's fantastic with the vast majority of grants and funding opportunities? You really don't.

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