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Com Studio. He insulted all police officers. Could tell you what my my daughter called me. My granddaughter called me, she said pop. Calls me pop. You know, she goes to university, Pennsylvania. Ivy League school. She's a senior. I said she went home in Pennsylvania. I mentioned that Call me if the debt Yeah. Oh, what would happen if they've been black? This isn't fair. They should be beating up white people that when they beat up black people So I said to my granddaughter. I'm gonna encourage the police start beating up white people more. I mean, honestly. Do you remember? Mr Michael Moore. Well after 9 11. Michael Moore gave a lot of speeches where he talked about How bad America is and so forth. And a woman wrote a column who attended one of his Lectures. I believe it was in the UK from that mistaken And he said something to the effect of, you know. If there are more black men on those planes on 9 11. This thing would have happened differently because they would have taken any crap. I'm paraphrasing. That's the same guy Michael Moore. Who goes on the Oprah Winfrey show when she had a show. Is that the reason that so many people have guns in this country because they're afraid of black people because they're racist. Don't have giant because Ah little Frankie Little Jimmy. They have guns because of Jamal. That's what he said. Same guy. Within wrists when he's in the UK and says, Hey, I tell you what, they've been more black meat on those planes. Everything would've happened differently because those black man, we're not taking any crap, they would have been passive. Aren't you? The same guy who just now said there's an unfair stereotype of black people being inclined to be aggressive, which is why people have firearms. Is this thing on Now, all of a sudden. Where were the police? Why won't they notified? Why didn't they anticipate this all legitimate questions? Why don't you ask those questions doing all these months when you're talking about billions of dollars in damage? City after city after city, Please standing down one mayor say, Hey, we need to make sure these protestors have space to destroy you. Remember that? Space to destroy Google. It They still let you Now it's where were the police? So now because it makes Donald Trump look bad, and, by extension, Republicans look bad. Now Democrats have rediscovered the number one responsibility of government, which is to protect people in property that do we discover the income. Not to force somebody who does not want to bake a cake for a gay wedding to do so. Not for reparations. Not to fight micro aggressions. The number one responsibility of government is to protect people and property and that was not happening during the summer. What were you saying? Well, these people are mostly mostly peaceful there, you know, who said that? The Peaceful protesters have to be quiet and People who said that You gave Excuse after excuse after Excuse Oh, my God. These trump voters. They're they're They're violent that that As I said, I watch a lot of CNN image and B he HASA you don't have to. And the day before this protest. Nobody was saying, Watch out. I sure hope both capital beliefs and those metro police make sure they eat their Wheaties because it's going to be violent tomorrow. Nobody was saying that Not the most staunch Trump hated was saying that So you had a stereotype, didn't you? Trump hated We're gonna be largely peaceful. Lanny Davis was a long time is a long time. Clinton lawyer Remember when Joe Lieberman was running for re election. Netiquette. He was defeated in the primary by somebody. He decided to run as an independent candidate because he's allowed to do so in the state. And Lanny Davis, This longtime Democrat long time supporter of Joe Lieberman decided to support Lieberman instead of the Democratic candidate who's named Let Ned Lamont he was even more left wing. And the big difference between the two of them is that Joe Lieberman supported the Iraq war in this guy, of course, did not. Lanny Davis this long time. Democrat. I mean, impeccable Democrat bonafide days, and he supported his long time friend. Joe Lieberman. And Lanny Davis wrote an op ed piece in The Wall Street Journal. And I'm paraphrasing. He said. I was shock. Fine the venom directed towards me by my former supporters. Death threats, he said. One supporter of Joe Lieberman, a lawyer had to stop supporting him because protesters threaten to protest his clients if he didn't disassociate himself from this effort for Joe Lieberman to remit to remain in office for six more years. He said. I used to think Lanny Davis did for years that my side have the moral high ground when it comes to smugness and vitriol and anger towards the other side, simply because of a of a different point of view. I no longer feel that way. I now realize my side is just as vicious. So Please don't give me this. Here's how the Republicans are. That woman approaches Joe Biden on the campaign stump. Goes into a tirade about how Donald Trump with illegitimately elected only put there because of the Russians. I didn't say squat didn't say, young lady, please. I don't like job. I don't like Donald Trump either, says Joe Biden. But come on. They're going to say the same thing about me if and when I get the nomination if and when I win. He didn't say that. He laughed. Ended on Tell her You want to be my running mate. We were all these statesmen. All these wise elders when Hillary for four years we're referring to this man as illegitimately elected. Where were you? Did you say anything? Are you upset? He knows he's illegitimately elected. I believe he knows He's an illegitimate president. Did you say anything? But now Donald Trump is undermining the integrity of our republic. Hashtag hypocrisy on steroids. I am Larry Elder. You're listening to the Larry Elder show. Stuck in Travis. We've got the answer. This'll report is sponsored by express pros dot com..

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