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We got some time here as we head up toward the top, so 855 to 124227. Most devastating injury, at least at this point. Believed to be, say, Quan Barclay. The Giants uber second year run back who Went down in a heap. And instantly grabbed his knee and was in a lot of pain. And according to multiple reports. After the initial testing the Giants fear and athe, although at this point they're not confirming anything. I don't have a diagnosis on his knees on season doctors tomorrow we'll wait and see what that is. Obviously, we're all praying for the best. I would just say this, you know, Regardless wherever the outcome is going to be in with the doctor states more I wouldn't fall asleep on 26 is going to tell the story either way. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, if, say, Quan Barkley has to come back from Tornado PL or some other serious injury and is out for a year. Of course. It would be a great comeback story and he's young and he's in fantastic world class shape and he's gonna have the best treatment and the best rehab available. But it doesn't mean it is an extremely disappointing for the first year head coach, Jo judge, but more specifically, for sake, Juan I mentioned Drew lock the Denver quarterback who's just in his second year, first full years. A starter will likely miss a couple of weeks with a shoulder sprain. Fumbled around with a football and got driven to the ground. I think it was Bud to pre who drove him to the ground, and he he stood up awkwardly tried to throw but said it felt weird. And so he was knocked out of that Pittsburgh Denver game in the first quarter and drift Jeff Driscoll had to come in and play. What we're talking quarterback Tyrod Taylor, a surprise injury. Actually hurt himself in pre game So he's declared Unable to go by the medical team because of a chest injury. And you've got Justin Herbert pressed into duty. Now before you get excited because Herbert did look good. I know there are a lot of organs for organ fans who are pretty jazzed up about the way that Herbert Was slinging the ball on the way he was running around in his first. We'll call it a surprise start. But Anthony let is saying When Tyra Taylor's healthy he is still the starter, so it's not Justin's job. But it was kind of fun to see him out there on the field for the first time, even though he had mere minutes to digest the news that he would be starting on Sunday. Herbert under center Josh Kelley, five.

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