We Test out Google's New Pixel Buds

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Recently as you heard. I tried out. Amazon's echo buds. Now it looks like mike. You've gotten your hands on another set of new wireless headphones right. That's right. I just tried. Google new pixel buds a-series earbuds which are available for preorder now due out june seventeenth. This google's third iteration of the pixel buds and it seems as if the buds get better along the way and a big selling point. The prices continued to go down. These new earbuds cost ninety nine dollars while they won't have some of the premium features. You find on the higher. Priced earbuds wireless. You're just apple's airpods and samsung's galaxy buds pro. They might be right for some listeners. Because those pro earbuds cost of more get into the two hundred dollars or more range but these are half that price. The main pitcher. You'll you won't get as active noise. Cancellation which basically touched a block out your environment. She can have a pure listening experience however the new pixel buds do have an adaptive sound setting which adjusts the volume to match your environment. So for instance. When i was walking around outside. I could still kind of here. A little of the ambient noise like Buses cars going by. But i. If i understand what the what it does and i didn't. I can't guarantee you that what this is doing. When i'm walking around but it's here's a loud voice. It could earn a loud noise. It continues for a bit. It will try to give you a little bit more sound. For instance like a cargo by real quickly car. Honk won't be affected. When i was walking outside. I will say though. I could still hear the constant home of cicadas which have until traded our part of the country. So you know an active noise cancellation. Earbud would probably do a better job than that. But you know when i was walking around and miss alison podcast music. I didn't find it at a problem at all. I thought it was really a really a worthwhile. You know a good product. That's either for the price

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