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But finishing very well which is absolutely not the case of our essential man. It's mentioned craig. of course. big injuries now. Imbaba neymar in this team. Does that give me excuse. No because all these teams should have big scores. We shouldn't feel sorry for the mindset east liverpool's by psg the real madrid because they've got the most money in the should of the biggest gordon you've got you've got to court. There was a lack of discipline Those lucky fluid and say yeah. They started it looked. it looked almonds for for rb. Leipzig looked will let shave the back. And i for here we go. They say mistakes were open traveled west but the the gal themselves in depressurized and then the end okay. Demaria master penalty but deserve to win. And i don't know front can help me here. Every time i i think free for should look at these challenges now and go to look away and say when a cynical challenge one compound be made. I think it was on pokes thank you. I'm not quite sure was no clear attempt to play the ball. I think it should be a straight red particularly when it's dangerous but that something for down the lane. But frank. Every tame i c can be played it gives me something in terms of it. Kept some just always seems to be making a howler and big games every tennessee and play and i don't watch the french league all the time for obvious reasons who in a seemingly champions league. He does things in the game. That just makes scratch your head. I agree with you from the past until that game. Especially but i think since the beginning of the season he went to another level. It was really the dusan half. We were expecting from him with the talent that he has not making any any stupid mistakes stupid foul but he's true. He had a decent game today. He made a great save on send just before and then because he thinks that he can get him. It will tackle him like crazy and really deserve the red card where you have other games that the injuries that daniel and myself were mentioning before it would have been useful to have key pembe for for the other three games that they have to play and now they we'll have two other players missing which is absolutely a disaster for man because if you don't go through the group stages michael big question marks about to her about some players but even man where to go wrong for them today. Robert name are by missing. You've got to midfield three of herrera. You got martinez. Who is a good holiday midfield player. But he's not that creative and and that's been the problem for them just a guy. The other midfield player three in that sentiment food aren't really creative place. You've got florenzie when he was at rome now he's a full but he's not going to charge for it. Crosses into the box and make things happen. And because i always say the same down the other side so to have a good hard work midfield players when you go by name on the side when you haven't got those in.

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