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And the milk life ad came on the dairy board is a sponsor of the us olympic committee and it says nine out of ten olympics grip drinking milk which is probably true because our grandparents probably nine out of ten people all saying things like so did nine outta ten serial killers i mean you know clearly that just wildly misleading in terms of what you drink when you're growing up has anything to do with whether you're gonna become an olympic or not and then it says that milk has natural proteins as if there's any other kinds and balanced nutrition in the ad and my blood just started boiling i mean i just thought just for truth sake alone we have to answer this this isn't truthful advertising well right welcome to advertising one one but it just it just yeah it made my heart hurt and it made me mad and i i just started thinking okay how do we answer this in a really intelligent backed up by science way with a group of olympia because that's the best way to answer it who are telling the truth and have really interesting stories to tell about their dairy free lifestyles so we just we went to work and we whip this puppy together really short period of time and louis louis involved right so he directed it he did yeah yes lupus llosa director of the code so yeah that was just i had worked with him on the game changers so i knew him and was used to his style and his directing style but he's he's mesmerizing to be an action with.

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