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The winner of boehner fight boehner fight brought to you also by turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy and asparagus soup boehner candidate number one why don't you just take a cpr class former senator rick santorum yeah he he's a he's a peach he says you know instead of trying to get stricter gun laws just prepare for being shot take a cpr class and boehner not gonna help if you're bleeding out boehner candidate number two or was he just being a douche that guy in eagle mountain strolling into the maverick with his gun on his hip and his ar fifteen on his back what are you what i'm not listen you can get a hearty handshake for me upon request that's the prize for this round and the winner by a big margin actually boater candidate number one why don't you kids just take a cpr class people still hate rick santorum he is now boehner of the day four today he is now a candidate to be boehner of the week it'll be decided on friday at about this time i tweeted because that's what i do and that's easiest to do a link to the video of that somali refugee now she lives here in utah now she goes to high school here i believe you'll high school students and she's she's just sharp as attack and does a kind of a spoken word poem about the march on saturday and i also tweeted a link to a website that will tell you exactly how much your congress people have received from the nra and would you i think it's from move on dot org and you know utah.

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