Deanne Shinzan Larsen on the Dharma Combat


Good morning. I'm deanne john on larson the head trainee for this spring training period. Thank you so much for joining us this morning. Attention toes on was ill among asked osho. You are sick is there. Someone not sick chosen answered. Yes there is the monk asked osho does the one who is not set. Look after you toes on replied. This'll monk is able to look after others. The monk asked osho how about when you look after others toes on said than the having of sickness is not seen this is case ninety four toes zones illness from the book of equanimity. In this main case we learned that the venerated toes on is ill very ill among cubs to visit him in his somewhat impertinent as he notes this monk sickness he does not ask if he can help but decides instead to test toes on with questions about sickness and not sickness in caretaking the toes on his. Ill is willing to engage with this monks questioning toes on states quite strongly that there is someone who is not sick and that he is very able to look after others and that when he does. The having of sickness is not seeing

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