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You to get that motivation. To overcome obstacles our inspirational spiritual and personal growth episodes. Now let's jump in all about people. Welcome to another will be dumped into the topic. Welcome thank you very much. And i appreciate your help in getting my message. Oh you're welcome you're welcome So before we eat dive in In us tell us a little bit more about you sure. I live in a very small border town in canada above washington state with paul and my two labrador retrievers trooper. Who is my mail. Him and i just finished our service dog training so were all legit. Our which is very exciting I i love life. I love good. Coffee bennis italy's my favorite place in the whole wide world. My dad is my hero and my mom was my best cheerleader. I love it. I want him to venice italy sue. How my dad was in the room when his parents moved here so he's fluent but my my mom was canadian so we never learned hanes lead us to the topic. Ian all You your story and your journey. You're now helping people to remove. I can too i will so yes you will yet there will. Yes the the big biggest takeaway will be You are not alone and your life may be different but it's not over and took me a long time to get there. I was all set to teach physical education until i retired at the high school and five months after starting my dream job. I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and. I was broken. I really really was I ended up taking a medical leave five years later. And when i returned i went to a brand new school teach social studies but out my window i could see all these kids in shorts and white socks playing soccer and running and it. It hurts so bad. It really really did so. I packed it in and went back to school To do a phd and with ambition to teach at a teacher's college. And i never was able to get a position. So i have no purpose. I have no identity My life is not what i thought it would be and I had no idea what my future held for me. And so i sat down to think. When am i most happy well patty. You're very happy when you are talking to people when you are optimistic when you feel like you have a purpose so i decided to make a fourteen day challenge to create a facebook community for.

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