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Later and any thoughts to share at least favorite any thought they were there been two series of cases and with the court that it quite a lease question of acquiring citizenship through a parrot and the law is still I said almost all these places can a base classifications were gone but in the immigration an area immigration and naturalization there were this distinction remains parents are not marry child born abroad if the mother is a U. S. citizen the child automatically requires the medicines and ship but if the mother is the alien and the father is the citizen the town does not let's hear Mary yes so that was this is one more example in the when is the favorite to women now saying that if the child is born out of wedlock he's fancy free he has nothing to do with it no responsibility for it but she saddled with it he can't get rid of it is severed so I didn't see this as some of my colleagues as something operating but not in the women's women's favorites then you said there was another one two two in this thing yeah same line it is would be hard for people with certain nations I think of a calling I revere John Paul Stevens he had been in the navy in World War two and there are a lot of Madame butterfly stories that time and he didn't conceive of his buddies Miller how many children they sired as as being as yes the S. as having any kind of bond and being financially responsible for them hi can bring to that particular mindset so I was I agree with does the sentence in most cases and in these cases we handle well thank you so much to us this this is been such a lovely conversation and really a treat and we all really appreciate your coming here especially just a handful of days after the end of the term I cannot believe how fantastic you okay give him just.

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