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Make a connection in a South side neighborhood. One chess move at a time. MARKETWATCH today. Dow Closing Up two and a quarter NASA couple 133 the S and P F 17 mainly clear tonight alot around 60. Warm temperatures continue tomorrow, mostly sunny with a high of 83. Cooling off significantly Thursday, partly sunny with a high of 66 on Lee 63 on Friday. Right now we have 78 reasonable. Therefore, it's 76 lakefront. It's six o'clock. Hurricane Sally takes aim with nine million people in its path. Everything is scary right now. A historic settlement over a police involved shooting payment to be on the state of $12 million. New Mideast Today, signing sets history on a new course. This is the CBS World News Round up late edition on that Piper in New York. It's moving at an extremely slow two MPH because of that, forecasters now predict Hurricane Sally to make landfall early tomorrow near the Alabama Mississippi State line. Ken Graham is with the National Hurricane Center storm surge around 3 to 5 FT. Around the Mississippi Alabama border, Dolphin Island, 4 to 6 even Mobile Bay, 4 to 6 Ft. Of Storm surge. CBS's Skylar Henry from Biloxi, Mississippi. Heavy rains flooded roadways and kicked up waves in the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Sally. Crawled closer to the region at two MPH. If you under evacuation orders, you know police, he that you know those orders. Forecasters say the biggest threat from the slow moving storm could be an immense amount of rain that may trigger life threatening flooding from Florida to Mississippi. Five million acres scorched so far in several Western states. The smoke reaching as far away as New York City so much ash so much smoke. It's sad. She lives near the Bobcat Fire raging in Southern California..

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