A highlight from Ep 218: FUNsexual (Feat Maj)


You get your book. I guess what decision. We're about to make horrible decision. Hi guys welcome to another episode of rebutting to be in with co host to the other puffy feel like and so she's just you know what a fan so she can go like older place. No never mind everybody. Welcome back for another episode. You may have seen a tweet from us. Recently we were like podcasters everybody Yeah still the energy over here not for you number uses but we really want to get back to really disgusting black people. You're pretty thank god but like up in the head. Kind of people in our guest. Gunning for uterit- someone be like west. Are you want me to tell bul- bul- foam you'd she meal. She sent me the diem. She was like we gotta have her way. Because that's easy we got to have her dot com. We gotta have a. We have to tell everybody your name. You do have a podcast though. We go drop it. Because they've got to figure out if you wanted to be pressed that they'd like damn what are we here. But tell us your name your sexual orientation if you're single like that. So hello everybody. Amash to the kinky community majesty into the good boys and girls i am mistress majesty sexual orientation. That's always hard for me. I see him fun sexual because just do shit. You're a fun sensual party summer. Her dad and i think too. I am to little bit branding. It is but it works. You don't see any works 'cause like who must have put yourself in a box when you say you're bisexual you have to do this. It is a box like even though they're like are you paying are you. This are you. Paulie and it's like it's still after defy shit. I know dope. He got mad at me cause mandy said on an episode years ago that she was pan. I said i think i'm by remember that i think on pan and people will be Panthers like when you just like everybody. You really said that now. Yeah i need you to pull up. We were in the ellison. When you said that. And i said i and someone was like oh so now. You don't like transplant. I was like damn wind. Probably said that. At a time. I mean like i said outside of pegging in the different guys i've dealt with A lot of them were very attracted to trans women and so we openly discussed it and talked about it and shared porn. Because that's also the porn. I watch and it just also just got to where it didn't me but i wasn't attracted but there was a conversation. Where if you wanna threesome. And that's the type of threesome. You wanna have. I would have been finally being in the room engaging in it and engaging in the threesome with with with base also just because that's what my partner wanted where where i think i would be in a relationship. That's where i always even as a bisexual i'm gonna. I'm gonna part of my life. Where i wouldn't want to date a woman i just really like having sex. With whom those labels like you said i feel like because you can't really call yourself those labels if you won't be in relationships essentially right what are those labels. Can we have that conversation or were you. Let's say like sexuality a lot of times we end up blurring the lines we get into different things and it's like okay know about this yesterday but now know about to say do i wanna do it. Yes i want to do that and so it's really hard to just throw yourself in a box. I i did a refinery nine refinery. Twenty nine interview they had We have like a unbothered black channel. And when i introduced myself i said this because i was every label i did. I did it on purpose. I was like. I'm assist gender bisexual. Polly pan sexual home. And i only did it. Because i do think boxes. Sometimes i need a bitch. I'm like she's about. Sometimes i know exactly why i want to be with that woman and definitely would fuck. I hate this because she's a homegirl. But i hope is so fine of. She is super sexy and like. Maybe it's because she's doing goddess locks now but i'm just looking for life. Are you me so you gotta slack. Ceo hell no no. No i mean because it's like the loose braise like the test the goddess type of brain. Anyway we got some icebreakers. Let me do like. Maybe we have some icebreakers eddin. You've been with us for the last a long time. Do i really be saying kind of a lot. Is that really a thing. Is she trying to make it a thing. That's not a thing. Kinda are i get off so cut your mike off eating do you fake orgasms. No not anymore thank you. What did you leave. Because i wasn't having. And i'm like why am i not having orgasms and i'm like if i keep guessing heads up thinking that they do some shit and they're gonna keep thinking they're doing some shit shit so i used to fake it when i wanted to stop which made it even worse. It's really bad and fake it to stop the best. What's crazy is when women orgasm. That doesn't signify stopping either normally the end of it. Hold out for you to come now. That i let me say how to get out of that. You go for a water break in. Just kind of like landon start going to sleep. That's how i get out of it like water or break bitch. I'd be out for everyone but this does. Sometimes you already know that's why you did. Who who it's okay as long as you want to hear nick. I've saying you go to showers from time to time. That's my bucket bed. I need to get into water. Sports because bitch like a demonstration. And i was like what do you mean in person. Yeah oh list lasalle. What someone event Maybe like six months ago and the lady who was hosting during covid. Two years ago i do grabbing. Gonna start at the peak lady. She was hosting an event. It was for Dams and For female and male subs and so there was a water sports demonstration. I wanna play when he just laid out. A whole bunch of lake wasn't tarp or some shit and she just like squatted over this man's face and just like pissed right in his mouth in like stopped her stream. She swallow that shit she kept going. The drinking was the fucking phenomenal now. Was he able to fully dr- i know ask questions. I just think of my own stream. And i feel like someone's like porn. Shut down your throat too much. You get full did it. Does she. Kinda like philip. His mouth and just stop strength so he could swallow and his mouth and keep going then. It was phenomenal. I've never seen anything like it. And that was the. I was like which parts of that. Which part of the of museum was it. Her power in being over him or was it. You watching him be in the position that he was in like which which part of that dynamic turned you on. It was her power over him. Like i like knowing that. Somebody's willing to do anything. You're willing to drink my pee. You're willing to do a lot for me. No i really or you just want some money to do anything for me. Cash you gotta piss on negative. That's true though but if somebody's willing to drink. Up you're gonna you can do what they. They're willing to do a lot of shit like why don't you want i disagree. I disagree because that's where you can even get

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