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Now, I've heard reasons. George heard excuses. Georgia's anymore. Miss stats information. You need to retire. You misrepresenting the program, that's what I get from new because if I let let, let me finish let slip the page. I decide I want to get back into the league K you already star laughing. Right. You already with the fun. Roster. Right. So safe. For example, I get a chance to play some get a chance to work out with the team. They'll take a chance to play a preseason game. Sure. Would you say into that microphone if I had three shot attempts like you had? How many you get? Role player. I'll send picks. You would tell me I need to hang it up. No. Jalen, I'm not retired from Berkeley until you retire from the NBA. Retired. Tell me directly. These super teams keep happening, and people, keep deplete, may roster somebody might need to Detroit Pistons to add a player in order to complete a deal and I might get five million dollars from it. I would love to see we saw. Pistons IRS was my got Keith Van horn. Remember he was client. Of course. I remember keeping horror from the nets and the socks and all that. Yeah. Also hit the brakes, one more time. I got gotta bring the fans behind the curtain hundred is really important that we acknowledged this people root for their own subliminally outwardly. Inherently while you looked it happens while the thing David Jacoby starting five is Larry Bird Jason Williams. Kevin horn, or Evan. We've got a massive bonus. Not his death. That's my story right there. This all time that are alive top. You know what I have a quick asthma to make Wimbledon's comment that means. No JJ. For some reason, they decided to put tennis on instead of so we're going to be a little height is, they'll summer hiatus, which happened to us a couple times a summer, which you know what? Like young Jisi said, I need case you're not going to hear from us next week and needed dope. Pod to step to from Jalen, I and the entire staff want humbly apologize. Tell you how much we appreciate you listen to this podcast, but we're not gonna be around a little bit. We could pop the trunk if you need to next week man, I'll be here to get a a let's do it. They want. Stay tuned. We'll be back. Eventually was that? Guys. I love speaking of hobbies. Let's talk about LeBron James all care about my nipples Susie..

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