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You know the stress hormone is cortisol and the sleep hormone is melatonin and they have kind of an inverse relationship which makes sense right if you're starting to fall asleep and there is a lie in chasing you your body's gonna release cortisol 'cause it needs to stay awake give you will live if you fall asleep in the middle of an emergency so cortisol kind of trump's melatonin and so when were lying awake at night were worried about something and were thinking the cortisol is really high and the melatonin is really low and so we created an oil that triggers the pineal gland to naturally release melatonin and it's a little bit if you think of a tudor tolder ray of kartozof's high so that side is up melatonin is low if you you know gradually shift the melatonin up a kind of forces the cortisol down and helps the body fall asleep and melatonin is an amazing detoxifying agent one of the challenges though with the brain and general is it's really really challenging to get the right eight remedy into the right area of the brain like some of the practitioners who work exclusively on healing auto immunity add lime and other chronic brain related illnesses have told me that food doesn't really work i mean we know that fat fatty acids like omega3s were because they're fat wright and leipus omo substances like so many people are shifting towards quicksilver makes these great like some will see lip osama blida thad there's also led some seminal melatonin and those actually get into the brain for two reasons in order to get into the brand the molecules need to be really small and they need to be fat soluble because the brain as fat so oils because they have really small molecules and their fat soluble or kind of uniquely suited to heal the brain so melatonin is a big piece of it but then the other part of it is kind of m you know they're they're could have three stress responses in the body or three areas of the brain that are correlated with stressed there is the odd knock.

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