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And yet cooking yes trading go we need to go to north and south korea take a luxury i don't know if you want to go to walk not north korea say north i did me north korea i may south korea absurd team orders if you'd aleksa i'm going to dennis rodman it mean dennis are handed out terry okay but we'll come back you are so we got let's say this fills one light coin out one hundred bucks let's put something on the cell side let's just put a market will limit sockets put one so if we wanted a lock in net sell that one and what would you put it to not be greet put her to put it at route twenty now without by not fill right because it's that can we just put her where do you think this is for sure to go back up to go under when i mean you could be super easy can do what used bandages eight 320 pointed out three 20s within the range right now okay off the reds so the top of the rate three show the chop is right there in it three seventy minutes that's unlike two six seven minutes that's while ago oh you're just today yet okay so how do we found the current range yeah you're right twenty should be a rubber it one hour we can see back what do you zoe soon yeah you're right three eighteen but seoul put it in in at three eighteen yeah so now here is a potential now this is there is no guarantee because this is a limit uh you know the limit by and limit cell but we place the cell order theoretically bridge and stiff grit if things went well while i'm on an airplane i got ahead i'm headed out for christmas.

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