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In person interview. We didn't have in percentages. We're trying to you found the application with the city. They called you and a bunch of you guys went down and sat in a big room with one another and they told you you were hired and actually when you went down. I think i had on sneakers and jeans. So she didn't have to wear the blue blue. And i'm seeing this say a big room with a bunch of people that we didn't know and At the time they designated where you needed to go and then we had to go pick up uniforms and for the next time we we were present. We had a uniform on. Bobby favor allergy. Thank you we appreciate. You see this. You know she just said it. Thank you so much. Nobody can see this. I don't know about like when everybody like. I said when everybody was this time last year like we was taking elle's every day. Death count was crazy thailand. How soon we forget this time last year. This april to twenty seven april. Twenty seven twenty twenty we chopping. We were this last year. We was doing the show remotely. Yeah we because everybody was dropping. Everybody was in house egg barbie. I guarantee you this time april last year there was no now one. There was no amount now. Virtual was playing baseball. Nothing was doing nothing. So foot for god. Bless you. you know. That's a great gesture but it still doesn't make any sense to me because orgy. Johnson said her daughters first interview was doing via zoom show and she said win but she still had to have a second one thousand in parts of and she didn't even wear the suit and then audrey just said when she had her job at transit. She came with jesus sneakers. Yeah well it depends on the job like if you go on for corporate america job you know corporate big gap you dress. The of course a no doubt for lofa somebody. Mcdonald's you jeans well why while you can't wear you know so you saying i'm not getting dressed to go to mcdonnell interview. Why not going to get dressed up. Go spend fifty dollars for an outfit. When i'm gonna make ten dollars an hour you said about you know said about you. Whatever showing you're not even internalizing or reading the story. You don't even know what you just read. You just said the ancient. Am set for men to to to dress up three. There's three phases of getting the job and one of them are getting is getting dressed up. Yeah it didn't say cologne. What job i never said. They didn't ask rim naked. No i'm not against the workplace because y a young man say at the age of seventeen to twenty to twenty five thirty. maybe there's a management. Mcdonald's one can wear some pants slacks vanish. At look. you've got right now. Okay hit math. Mcdonald's well so so bobby mcdonald's and safe this as a billion dollar business the corporate on man's meet lying down. Yeah but his crew walk damn so serious so dishes sa nobody to be. Nobody's crew working fast. Food restaurant is on period or marianne low. Lehman we doing it. We're not doing that now. If i want to be the district manager then you out about the young souls young to be in that scenario impression to eighteen years y y a nineteen year old seventeen year old or twenty one year old going to mcdonald's they wanna cook line or whatever ordering like the worker behind accountable. Why why they can't wear a blue suit from why. Why would you wanna wear because if you could have some nice legs in a nice button up shirt or nice a polo shirt in in be. I said i said mcdonald's you immediately said no suit for i you then i said well what about the corp report. Now you say yeah. You wear sue for the corporate at mcdonald's is a whole now. I'm melt workup. It's not doing it. Not doing it you probably. It goes to what they're saying. If you accrue worker crew has say is a bunch of crew workers with the in person interview and they come looking like the way looking today or the way today with the radius out. Now hold on on because that's basically what you're saying now i don't. I said nice slacks and a button up or polo at the next question. Do next question. I'm i'm actually. I'm actually this question. Okay say if you was the owner of the mcdonald's down the block right. You don't own a mcdonald's down. Yeah and all these young folks are coming in there for the job interview right to work the cook line or whatever they do there and one of the young folks didn't look like the way i looked today with jeans sneakers in his polo shirt. One of the young folks came in with the h in them. Suit that you're talking about okay. Who right out all the other teenagers knowing they all going for the same position right. Would that give an impression on you at the young man who didn't have to wear didn't have to win. You could just came any awakaned. Yeah johnson he came in as a seventeen year old. even though he's working this cook lot he came in there with that to piece blue With the shirt looking professional. How are you hiring him. I'm not necessarily higher. Just because he had that suit on. Oh gee they gave me let me say they make it nice and impression but then the may you're going down which is saying bobby is because it's a cook line job. They don't necessarily have to be dressed that way they relate but but i think that if a person young person came into the mcdonald's that are owned and i know right part of college cases is not being addressed us if they came in that way comparison to the others. I'm a look at that person like wait a minute. I want this this person the extra mile to made for me. He dressed apart. Be a good fit for the company show. Have you wanna show again by.

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