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The answers to just because we found the Higgs. I can see a politician being like All right, guys. So you're telling me that you were totally wrong? And you miss spent all this money, but it turns out that Luckily, it's actually good news. That's right. Well, for me. The most exciting thing is the exploration like I want to build that $3 Trillion collider because it lessens explore the universe on a scale we've never seen before, And I'm excited for unexpected discoveries, much more than I'm excited for expected discoveries. You know, it's like if somebody told you exactly where to find a special little rock. Be cool to go there and see like, Oh, look, I found this little rock right? Much cooler to find something you didn't expect. Discover your next favorite podcast from over 250,000 available to you right now, all free by downloading the I heart radio app. Here's a preview of a podcast that will make your team the winner at the next trivia name. Yeah. S O have a diary all day. Oh, that's no blind us The molasses of the back of the back seat. Yeah, it would be nice is if to hear a story about molasses. Well, that's good news, Chris, because I have just the story for you. Well, that's good, because we're the history boys. I'm Chris Tyler. Yeah. Tyler Tyler's here and and Duke Duke. Yeah, I guess I could be Duke Duke Duke Sanchez. I am Jerry Nash. And Zach, of course, is on audio obvious via satellite in this remote bunker. Several stories underneath the crust of the United States that yeah, safe from molasses safely say from what he wants. If it did happen to get molasses down there. You're not getting it out, though. You know You're not gonna pump that stuff. You just gotta you're gonna have to abandon the bunker. We'll find a new bunker. It's a sweet, sticky grave. Luckily, we built that separate Molasses tunnel for him to escape out of in the case that molasses pours down into the bunker We got in the grave sign form and everything. This is in case of molasses Leave here and I didn't even know about the molasses flood of the time. Barely know anything about it now. Well, there you good. I didn't do the research. I know Jerry. Tell us a story about molasses. I'm glad I'm glad you want to hear now. You know, not many people are familiar with the great Boston molasses flood of 1919 the fatally tragic events that happened 100 years ago. Every time I learned, the more I learn about this The more I'm like, like it's like they're like we're trying to tell you. It's tragic. It's not hilarious. It does. It's not something that was like made up for, like an old timey cartoon. But then, in my research, I heard that one of its nicknames is legitimately the great molasses occur. Degree. You kidding? The great Boston molasses Occur of 1919 nineties handle Wikipedia. That zah Primary source. They did not call it the molasses occur. They called the molasses really, I would have if I was 2020. What is it? 117 people injured 21 dead. That's um Alaska. If you ask me, that's something I did not Asian citations. Bada Bing. Bada boom. All right. I'm not gonna check those. It was not in dark tide, which is a fantastic book. It was in the Boston molasses disaster causes of the molasses tank explosion. Spoiler alert. By Eric Hendrickson. There you go. Not not our primary, surly reserve oral in this episode, I think worth shouting out anyway. Yeah, this a giant Tank that stored a lot of molasses basically burst in Boston's North End neighborhood on January 15th 1919. Destroyed completely destroyed the neighborhood. It's I literally think of the time, they said. There goes the neighborhood and then meant it frantic tonight on just a little bit and back then they everyone talked with like the old timey voice. There goes. There goes my molasses boy, you the chance to read it, It's done. Yeah, well, the last years is all over May raspberries, my sweet boys driving Unless again who's gonna run the factory when I get too old, huh? Just to give a little bit of perspective and have big the molasses tank. What we're gonna talk about Not there yet. We're not there. We're not there yet. First I wanna talk about it too much. Rescinded your too much research. Wanna flex? Can't you be more like me? No research. I feel like there's a happy middle. There is there is A couple of things about molasses before we get to the actual tank. Here we go, 00 boy. My last. This is a non Newtonian substance, meaning that force has to be applied to it in order for it to move like it's not water like It doesn't just run everywhere. It's like truth paste er, ketchup like you have to, like, Hit the bottle for the ketchup kind of Scott City. Yeah, famously high for Scott. Yes, indeed. So considering this physical property, molasses would be far more deadly than just a giant wave of water and swimming in it is Impossible. Not with that attitude. You matter if it was a non Euclidean liquid, that would be well, that would be even worse. It would be pretty cool. So not only is molasses is used for, like syrups and sweeteners. It is used for booze and barbecue sauce. Ammunition. All hell. Yeah, well, the main well, it's Maine. Thing that people used for was distilling it down into alcohol and the alcohol instead of making room out of it, they would make munitions or fuel and in this case That's what they're doing. There were distilling it down and making using it from munitions well, and a couple other things is it is a diabetic sweetener. You can add it to things if you are diabetic, and it won't in fact won't affect your insulin levels. True, it's 100%. True. It's all that was amazing. High in potassium. And I think it's high and something else. Probably deliciousness and sweet. It is not delicious..

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