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Them can a help making predictions about a flu. Can I help us a changing the behavior members, we can talk about that that in a more general sense? And I think also something that relates to a I is the data governance in in healthcare. It's very important. If we want to move forward in that direction. And if we want to deliver value, we basically have to a reform the current system in a direction that is conducive to a implementations into long-term. So I'll I'll be happy to talk about those as well in general sense. And maybe pick some you. Cases talk about those as well. Sure. Yeah. Would love to dive in and maybe this opportunity to to to park in and say folks, so so Balint spent some time at at Nha doing some some work there with AI and optimizing things, but not necessarily only optimization. But taking a look at what this technology could do for for members being covered by insurance. I love to hear from you lent. Maybe some examples that either there or or elsewhere, and how you improved outcomes are improved results through it. Sure. Sure. So so I will talk about some projects in general that I worked on the pasta end in in different a domains with different companies end one of the powerful thinks that AI provides us is to make predictions based on data, and if a company or a operations has access to some interesting data, and if you have an AIT more data science team that has the creative capacity to join the information streams coming from different domains. There's a lot of interesting data in the public domain that unfortunately has not been used utilized by many companies for a long time. If those are combined some interesting insights can be produced using I end producing those insights, excellent sufficient to produce be valued at a. I promises in realized in its full potential one has to use that inside enter into actionable items. So that's another layer on top of what the data science teams teams are delivering. So this is why I think it's essential that the AI operations are led by domain experts and really supported in a close collaborative manner by business leaders because there are different layers to whole ecosystem, and if it's run by one or the other Adere interesting pitfalls that one can get stuck into a I won't produce the full potential value that it it's promising so one specific areas, for instance, interest companies at many companies in the healthcare space are trying to modify a member behavior in a in a positive direction. So in order to do that you have to identify what? The psychological barriers are for particular member to not have healthy habits, and it is a very kind of a vague or gray area in a data is is is not plentiful in that domain, especially when it comes to member behavior. So how do you go about this? So there is there is a lot that I can offer in the space, for instance, if you want to make members more Druk, endurance, if you want to if you want members to stick to their specific Druk regiments, you have to understand what psychological barriers are in play here. In order to understand that there are different models that domain experts and academics have come up with one of them is the PD see value, which is a metric that zoo. Heeren particular patient is and you have to make predictions for the future of that particular member and AI. Has made contributions in debt area and we've been able to make predictions two or three weeks ahead of time for particular member. Specifically, if we have seen certain signals that are coming through that are indicative of that particular member to be a not drug adherence in the future. A we can customize the means to reach out to the particular member and give them an additional nudge that they need an even that customization that additional psychological nudge is being customized by machine learning algorithm. So this this is an interesting area where if a person has different chronic diseases at the same time the psychology is very different from two different members with the same chronic diseases. So it's it's a complicated problem..

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