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Amy love the show. I got a couple of things and listen to Kirkland's earlier in the talking about Dan O'Connor's book and arrogance of bell Jack saying hey can win with any quarterback without Brady. I'm not a patriots fan at all. But I find it weird that Bella going to have a hard time winning without Matt Patricia. You should not issue. Not worry about Brady beckoned thing agent. Peterson is up for comeback player of the year. I think so I want to get your thoughts on that. I don't I don't know that I would first of all it's been one game between the two of them. And and I know the patriots start at one and two, but I'm reminded of what happened in two thousand fourteen when people were burying the patriots after week four at Kansas City, Monday night football, the Brady era is over this offensive line is terrible. Which at that point. It was this is the end of an era, LA, LA LA. And what did they do? They eventually got themselves to the point where they won the Super Bowl after that season. So I don't know that there's any situation yet that we've seen in which Bill Belichick can't win. And as for one winning without the other. We don't know that yet either. Right. I mean, we and Bella check in Cleveland before Brady, but a lot of guys don't do as well in their first jobs, and we know the challenges that Cleveland present. So it's probably too early to be making any type of blanket statements about Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, your Patricia or the patriots without map, Patricia. And the slum BUSTER is tied. Tiger in the Browns should be tied for the slump BUSTER, all right? As for Adrian Peterson. I also would say it's a little bit too early for that. But yes, he should definitely be in the conversation by virtue of the fact that he had no job just about a month or month the half ago and had to have a tryout. It's almost like a walk on in in the college game, you know, walk on with the Washington Redskins. And it's been really amazing what he's been able to do so far. And Jon Gruden looked like he was going to have a stroke today. So. I don't know what's going on with the raiders. Well, they can't they can't win yet. They can't close out games. They've gotten themselves to the point where they've had lead in the second half. They just can't close them out. And that's not anything that's abnormal for a team. That's changing everything. I love your show keep up the good work and a wacky week. There's a lot of money this week. Okay mic. I'll take your word for it. Thanks so much for listening in Nashville. I appreciate the phone call. And I appreciate your support. It's after hours here on CBS sports radio. I know next to nothing about spreads and about lines and all that jazz. But I did write it down. So I would get it. Correct. The bills were a sixteen and a half point underdog at Minneapolis. And they won twenty six to seven. So, yeah, you're just a guess even Vegas is only guessing because they don't actually know what's going to happen. I I love the NFL for that reason. I love pro sports for that. What you said because you're you're talking about. Athletes who are getting paid to play sport which by virtue of that means that they are all amazing what they do at any point could break out and an incredible stuff can happen. We wouldn't watch if it was boring. And if we always knew how it was going to play out eight five five two one two four two two seven. I like this tweet for Michael Tigar had to beat himself Browns head to beat see if I can count these numbers eighty four million six hundred ninety two thousand six hundred thirty eight bad decisions. And the reasons why the reason I had to quickly look at that is because there were no commas. There were just a a row of numbers. I wanna make sure I read the number correctly. Thanks so much for taking our poll. I love this Paul, and I didn't actually put it in pole form earlier in the day on Sunday. But I did pose it in the form of a question after tiger had one I wanted to know which one is the bigger the bigger, momentous occasion, right? The more momentous occasion, the bigger sports story. And then we threw in the lions getting one hundred yard rusher later. But yeah. Hundreds of you have responded one guy even called it. The Browns in the Baker Mayfield era. Let's not get carried away shall we one half. Does not an era. Make we did have multiple teams using two quarterbacks on Sunday. In the case of the cardinals. San Bradford throws a couple more interceptions and outcomes Josh Rosen. Now, I don't know if Josh Rosen will be the starter moving forward for Steve Wilks. He was only out there for seven pass attempts at twelve yard. Ryan. He did throw an interception to the bears were able to use their defense to claw back into it with the three interceptions. That's something. We've we've come to expect with the Chicago Bears. Right. So who knows what the cardinals will do? Now. Rosen is so green. And there's no way to guarantee that this is a positive learning experience for him because the cardinals offense is pretty abysmal. But then you ask me worse. Well, probably not and they had a double figure lead against the bears for most of that game. So there's one also so that was the NFC south with the cardinal. I'm sorry, the NFC west with the cardinals also in the NFC west Jimmy Garoppolo may have a tornado. I'm hedging because I'm hoping it's not the case that is certainly the fear of Kyle Shanahan and he's already talking about losing a quarterback. So they're waiting for an MRI on Monday. But that's devastating. It's certainly devastating for the team. But I'm thinking about Jimmy specifically. He finally. Is out from underneath Tom Brady shadow? Right. And this is his team. And yeah, he gets a big contract. I understand that. But everybody gets big contracts now as quarterback starting quarterbacks in the NFL. The point is he finally has his own spot. And he's got a coach who is known for for the way that he can get the best out of quarterbacks in the way that he can tailor an offense to his personnel. Here's Kyle Shanahan whose building his offense around Garoppolo. And they get those five wins at the end of last season. And they're trying to care this momentum forward nine other defense is still a work in progress. But for all of the work. That the NFL is doing using that term loosely work for all of the effort that the NFL is making to try to protect its quarterbacks. How ironic is it? Jimmy Garoppolo makes the decision to avoid hit. Are not avoid ahead. I guess he didn't run directly out of bounds. He should made a beeline out of bounds. Tried to get an extra step. And landed awkwardly on his left foot non-contact and right away. Knee buckled. And those are the scariest kinds the one where you just know. It's about the angle the way that he stepped. And so they fear a tornado. We'll wait for the confirmation. But that's for you. In a week in which you've got more roughing the passer penalties. Clay Matthews getting flagged again, you've got all these ridiculous pass interference calls and I'm not speaking about the Packers. They're all over the place. I hate PI. You can't breathe on a receiver. These days. Some of it is so ticky tack you've got hall of fame quarterbacks who are coming out and saying the advantage to the offense is too great. We love offense, but the advantages become one in which the defense really is that an unfair. Position that they are they're making these these tackles that a couple of years ago would have been textbook and now they're against the rules. And the NFL is towing this line. They're digging in their heels right now. But at some point there has to be a course correction and so again Klay Matthews in the news. He may or may not get fined for some of his comments. But if you've not seen the tackle on Alex Smith. I'm with him. I don't know what else he could have done to make this more appropriate and to line up with NFL rules. Unfortunately this direction. A lot of people don't like. You know, I think they're getting soft and hard about this league or Donald guys like me to play the game. So. I don't know. I mean, I'm just gonna keep playing hard. What else are you supposed to do? He asked that question last week. I don't know what else to do. Now last week the NFL said he was guilty of lifting up Kirk cousins. I mean, it didn't look that way. But that's what the league chose to do is stand behind it. This was I guess a roughing the passer call based on the fact that they felt like he landed with his weight. On Alex Smith accepted. He's coming at him from the front. And clay says I did everything I could to try to abide by the rules. Well, obviously, I don't agree with it again. Whereas last week, I thought he did it. The quarterback Ricky Harrison side, again wrap them up. And you see as soon as I hit the ground. You see my hands out? You know, obviously, we attacking a guy from the front. You're going to land on him. I understand the spirit of the rue. I said that. So he gets it. He gets why quarterbacks are more protected, certainly they are a commodity. And there are a major investment. But it's become. It's become so outrageous now that defensive players. Are expecting flags every time the quarterback hits hits the deck. If you caused a quarterback to hit the deck. Well, then you can almost expect to flag. I'm wondering what he's supposed to grab him around the ankles. I mean, he could step out of that. Are you supposed to shut him and hope that he falls over just don't shove him anywhere from the shoulders up? What are you supposed to do? And yet these are the calls that the NFL's using his teaching tools airlines, even when they stuck to their guns with the replacement refs a few years ago refused to budge until it flamed out into a major controversy. Well, it's becoming that now because you've got hall of fame quarterbacks are saying this has gone too far over.

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