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Center in port St Lucie at U. S. one in port Saint Lucie Boulevard news talk eight fifty I'm Ron Hersey with you three thirty news break hurricane Dorian is continuing its slow March towards Florida as a category three storm the latest update from the national hurricane center says the storm is packing winds of a hundred fifteen miles an hour expected to strengthen into a major hurricane as it moves north of the Bahamas early this weekend forecasters expect during to become a category four storm before it makes landfall along Florida's east coast early next week Florida governor Rhonda Sanders is recommending residents prepare for the worst speaking today in Palm Beach county the status recommended residents have at least seven days worth of food medicine and water in the event of a power outage the governor says he's pleased to hear the president's approved his request for direct federal assistance in a Miami Dade County officials are waiting on issuing evacuation orders merit Carlos a man as we have our capacity to over a hundred thousand and Broward county also waiting on making shelter decisions merit mark Bogen to shelters are not open we haven't even been given a watch by the the National Weather Service and with all of Florida under a state of emergency ahead of the arrival of hurricane Dorian the state's price gouging hot line is now active state law prohibits excessive increases in the price of essential commodities needed as a result of an officially declared emergency the list includes food water hotel rooms ice gasoline lumbered equipment anyone who suspects price gouging should report to the attorney general's office by calling one eight six six nine no scam you can also download the new free no scam APP precocial NBC news radio some Florida gas stations are running out of fuel as residents fill their tanks in advance of the storm places I think Miami forty eight percent of the gas stations were out as of this morning fuel is constantly being brought in the state is taking action to try to ensure there's enough fuel for everyone before the storm arrives at Monday or Tuesday the governor says they've asked in Georgia Alabama and Mississippi to suspend their weight limits to allow more fuel to be delivered our hurricane is no reason to put off a wedding eight fifty W. F. T. L.'s Karen Curtis has the details despite Dorian lurking off the coast police and Pam exchanged vows on the Cape Canaveral beach tell you that the rain is a metaphor good only for Wayne so as we had a hurricane is a lot of love despite Dorian the couple couldn't change their wedding plans but they had to adjust their honeymoon plans because they booked a Disney cruise Karen Curtis news talking fifty W. FTL house Democrats.

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