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Tell you guys. If i was giving sponsored by i watched shows well. They did spa. A bell to bell is actually sponsored their first show last month and he had another another show This past weekend this afternoon this past sunday afternoon excuse me based out of massachusetts and they have fantastic fantastic stuff just great great wrestling such great talent that they had on board there again on on sunday. If you want to watch like a two hour wrestling show. That is an absolute breeze to watch good production to be washed on stream to watch. Because you know there's a lot of indie shows you know their their production when it comes to translating. What you're seeing onto televisions. Isn't that great. But they do a fine job with fantastic women and hey the even set a angles from show to show so. There's already stuff cinna banenky question for next month's show if you i like what they do. I really really like what they do. Women's wrestling revolution plus the sister company to beyond wrestling. And you should definitely check it out there on the independent wrestling dot tv. Great stuff can't say can't say enough good things about it of. Please look at it and enjoy. I've already talked about the common streak. That's the one. I didn't talk specifically about the comment. Streak i talked about the fact that we had comments right that we were doing comments on the videos. We're going for the streak. Twenty comments on the next twenty videos We're up to eleven boop eleven hundred twenty nine last week that if we do hit the twenty mark i will be cooking a full meal anticipation until i actually got the cookbook from the can you take the heat. Wwe cookbook that was published in two thousand the one that has jr the rockin. And steve austin On the On the cover. I'm really stoked to see. What kind of recipes are in their gmt one of the mods and regular bureau the initial put it over as being very good a good book some good recipes. I'm excited to see what's in there. And i will do a video of me cooking this full recipe as a reward to hitting the tears hitting that tier that that con- that streak is what i'm trying to say. So let's keep it up..

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