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The city for ninety five south reports of debris on the road since and possibly after route one seventeen exit twenty seven in Bolton David struck Pelino WBZ traffic on the three destructive for day WBZ accu weather forecast we joined by dean devore gene this is the end of November were still three weeks away from winter but we've got winter coming in a hurry on Sunday are going in and we already had you know and they have that bitter blast of winter a couple weeks ago to and so yeah we're off to an early start and we may see problems early and often this winter today and tomorrow not problematic Charlie just a cold sunny brisk winds today real feels twenties and thirties this afternoon will end up in the twenties tonight in the back up in the upper thirties tomorrow with sunshine and dry weather then things go downhill for travel Sunday and Monday it's kind of like a a two barrel system that gives is says sleet and snow over to rain for the city in coastal areas during the day Sunday areas northwest of four ninety five I think you could say I see all through Sunday night into Monday morning and then the rain that server still around Monday goes back to snow and ice saving for the city in coastal areas later Monday but the night amounts and all those things those are the details we got to work out here and all the timing of the next couple of days the best advice stay tuned will keep up to date on WBZ bosses newsradio thank you dean right now in Gloucester thirty four degrees in western thirty three degrees thirty four in Taunton and here bright sunshine in Boston and windy two thirty seven degrees hello windows is a family owned business that's been crafting quality windows and doors for more than ninety years serving greater Boston New Hampshire and Maine call now for an in home no obligation appointment eight hundred eight six six ninety eight eighty six or visit hello of Boston dot com it is nine twenty six one Wisconsin Air Force soldier Lucas to ball ski suddenly found out he was able to get home for thanksgiving this week he set off on making a surprise his girlfriend Elizabeth Mets would not soon forget doesn't.

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