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And yes, Adam gates, the new hire for the jets. This is a guy who when he left Chicago. I was bummed. I saw a tremendous difference. In Jay Cutler from before autumn gates arrived and after he left, and while that same chemistry may not have played out with Cutler when he came back on the fly to Miami after ten hills injury. I still believe that this guy has something to share with with young quarterbacks and something to bring this this offense. And this jets team. Let's go to I think we've got Jeff Darlington to talk to us about the higher, and Jeff this is a guy that I'm seeing vastly different reactions to to attribute the people who are super site and the ones that are saying anybody but him. I mean, I would just point to the fact that you somewhat of divisive figure, and I would also say that I think, and I think that there's a a narrative that existed that made its way and kind of fuel itself a little bit more than it probably deserved to that made its way probably to the jets fan base about the questions of whether he lost the locker room in Miami. And I live down in Fort Lauderdale. So and I covered the dolphins or seven years and pretty tight and the organization and actually can tell you. I don't think that that was the case. And so, you know, I think if you if you want to criticize gases offense of production the last year, you know, there's arguments made about that and some injuries on offense line, but but I can understand maybe maybe some of those arguments some of those hesitations, but if you're just concerned about the fact that he seemingly lost the locker room. I would tell you that. I think you're in for a pleasant surprise in the sense that he will come in there and energize. Locker in the way, he did in Miami. And quite frankly, he did not lose the locker room you might have lost three or four disgruntled players, but a large majority of the Miami locker and still did support him until the very end. We're talking to Jeff Darlington on the shell Pennzoil performance line. So Jeff for that being said, why is he gone from Miami? Then so I mean, I it's it's a really complex conversation. I I know that much time, but it it openly the way I described it when it first happened was an irretrievable breakdown, which is what they that's the term they use when they're talking about a divorce. Right. I talked out right before basically the dolphins fired him. And I sense that he was as frustrated by the situation as the dolphins were in him. And I think that ultimately his relationship with owner Steve Ross Rothwell at times good ultimately broke down and Adam gays and Steve Ross at different visions for the future of the organization. And I think that there was you know, and you could probably blame both of them for a little bit of that. There was a little bit of stubbornness on both sides. And I think that that's one area where guess will probably go to New York with a lesson that he learned. Well, if he's going to succeed he will learn from that lesson of of kind of understanding and bending a little bit in in kind of being a flexible coach, but ultimately speaking, I think that it's simply didn't work in Miami. Talking to Jeff Darlington on the shell Pennzoil performance line at Spain and fit Sarah Spain and Jason Fitz jets. You know, our?.

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