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I feel like it's whole vibe in his body language, and all of that my father has a very neurotic dog, and I just kept watching this. And being like, this is like scruffy. Also, also like a like a dog. So much of detention with playing with the dog is whether or not the dog will attack right, right? There's that there's whether or not the dog will lose it. And yes, because the dog has the power of really hurting you right? And not understanding how things work and getting scared lease easily everything sometimes lashing out or not understand on power. All that that sorta stuff. Yeah. But he said that ever Scissorhands was like, you know, he's due to Lur. He's a watercolour guys. Always goes a little notebook on him. And he had drawn. This just like this is how I feel when he was sixteen. It was like the original tumbler page was Burton's invented. Bumbler hair? This is. Yeah. This run of the first five films as sort of him inventing this one more than anything. This one isn't have a plot. Otherwise like, anyway, we'll keep talking keep talking. Hashtag Tf w the movie. Sure, sure, it's any of those things it's whatever you wanna say about a sad youths of the nineties crystallize. He's like I'm gonna I don't think this was what he set out to do. So suburban youth, you know, sort of right? And obviously, you know of a middle class, you know, sort of upbringing everything, but I think it was like he was like I wanna make about how I feel weird. And then he ended up making something that pretty universally spoke to just like a feeling of weirdness that people could just sort of like map onto whatever. Because the character is so otherworldly and doglike. Also a little bit. It's ever. Clearly established what exactly Edward is free rate. Yeah. I don't know that he's I mean, there's some suggestion that he's like reanimated, but it's also could have been just a guy. He's a robot experiment that on or is the only thing you see is that there's the book of Vincent Price's book. Right. You see the wind flipping through the ages in the stages of it. But you never get a sense of what his I mean. Do we do know he's like a construct some kind, but like he right food food visiting right and bleed like, right? Does he bleed? Yeah. Because he cuts himself. Any bleed. Yeah. There's a little spot of blood because that's one reason dialysis so nice to. Oh, yeah. The first time he next himself in front of her. But he he takes this drawing. I mean, he I guess he starting to set himself up and realize people might might be buying into what I'm selling goes to warn budgies. Look this trying to make movie out of it. And they're like cool. Let's put on the backburner work on Beetlejuice. And he was developing it. And and then more brothers was like, I don't know if this was like wanting can we put into this fucking thing..

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