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Film. Mark, I have to say that today's episode is really bittersweet for me. On the one hand, I'm thrilled to have had a chance to speak to Issa Rae, fresh off the heels of the insecure finale. And ask her all my burning questions about alternate endings and surprise moments, but I'm so sad because I can't believe it's really over. You know, it's funny I am not as dedicated to watch her as you are, but it's funny, you know, every week when there's a new episode like my Twitter feed just goes nuts and I like sort of like ambient follow along with the conversations where I feel like I sort of know something about the show. I know that I believe I'm not supposed to like Lawrence. And then I'm very upset with him for the way that he behaved at the going away party. And I mean, the show, it feels like it's not only just a cultural phenomenon but these feel like characters that have become like Friends for people. No, totally. And first, let me just say, if you have those feelings about Lawrence, now you need to watch the finale. And for those that haven't this episode of the podcast has some spoilers, so go watch the finale and bookmark this conversation for later. But yes, to your point, the conversation around the show was such a fundamental part of the experience of it. And I don't think it's an understatement to say the show leaves behind a legacy with its bold and authentic storytelling, a flawed characters and the sometimes frustrating subtleties of adulthood. We all watched this character grow up and become this self fulfilled woman with career ambitions and meaningful relationships, messy relationships. So to kick off this conversation, I asked Issa about what it felt like to say goodbye to Isa D in some ways. I feel like I'm not saying goodbye because she's so much of me. Especially with this last season, we have merged in so many ways. But beyond that, like her friends and her world and her love life was really just fun to play out in a lot of the decisions that she made, however messy. I got to play out in the stories that we got to tell. And in my own life, I tend to be a bit more reserved with my choices. I love chaos, but I don't give to act on that chaos, a lot. And so I would miss that point. That's incredible. Y'all are incredible. Tonight, the only focusing on you having fun and nothing else. Look at you, quote, by quote. What's happening? Well, there's so much to talk about with that finale, but first I have to ask, how did you land on using birthdays as the device to sort of structure the episode? I was really excited coming up with that just thinking about how we wanted to ship time and obviously thinking about the pilot episode. We're introduced to Isa on her 29th birthday. And this season in particular is about growth. And so to be able to showcase that through this device, was exciting to me. In addition to just Tapping into my own personal life and my friendships, you know, as we've grown older, you know, friends from high school and almost the only guarantee that we will kick it is on each other's birthdays and there's a sadness surrounding that. It's just like, damn, we used to just congregate at any moment. Any Friday, that was guaranteed. And then you're kind of relegated to I got shot birthday girl. You know, I'm a show up for that. And so to watch you say Molly's friendship kind of play out through that kind of sad kind of tragedy that I wanted to explore. Hello. Happy birthday. Thank you. I miss you so much. Me too. What went into the decision to end with that phone call between Molly and Issa instead of say Isa and Lawrence or something? I mean, we've said it from this is a story about you send Molly. It's their love story, and that I think is Issa's most important relationship. We have seen that relationship go through so many ups and downs and watch them be codependent, watch them rely on each other. Watch them grow each other. And I think Issa and Molly have helped each other to become the women that they are. They have seen each other through so much. And so that call from Molly onis birthday is the call that she'd been looking forward to. Yes, Lawrence has finally made birthday plans. But Molly calling Issa on her birthday and hearing from her is the best present. One moment that really got to me, especially considering the sort of ups and downs of their relationships is obviously when Issa is helping Molly with her wedding dress and Molly sort of turns to herns as thank you. Thank you so much for everything. Of course. There's no way you want to get out there just by yourself. Not for. Everything. Just for being you. I loving me. While I was me, how did you decide where where and when they would share that moment? That was something that we decided from the beginning of breaking the season. That was a scene that I visualized in my mind from jump as the way to end this series. That was the only constant. Because we just, you know, like, there's just something about ending the series on that declaration from Molly and showing how much Issa has evolved as a friend, you know, too Motley. I think that's something that we've watched this season is why they are good friends for each other. And Molly has been through so much and so much of her is one of this picturesque wedding to settle down with her husband, but to have her friend by her side and to see her through that when it almost didn't happen means so much to her and that was such a touching moment to shoot. I don't know where life is going to take us, but I just know that as long as you're around, I will be okay. We'll have more of Yvonne's conversation with Issa Rae after this break. 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