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At this radio station and in this country, we pretty much have the freedom to say whatever we want. We don't even have to say it right today. A memorial day, Let's take the stay out to remember those who sacrificed their lives to give us that freedom. We'll be back in the studio tomorrow. My tech one of 71. So what do you trying to say? Hollywood was again What is the meaning of this Marine? Okay, what do we got? But let's start with. Let's start with this. Let's start with the Diddy threw doing a throwback Tuesday, which two people are Thursday. Two people really do that. Yes, we might have a good one. Today. We have a throwback in there was the things we have Colleen Lindstrom. Okay. Cute throwback, high school graduation picture. Hey, well, Diddy's I did a photo just he just hash tag TV T, But it's the two of them holding hands and he's wearing Sean John, and she's got a crop top and really looks basically the same. Now. Do you think that that would be okay like, Do you think I should do a throwback Thursday and post a picture of me? My ex husband? I mean, do you think this is We're Children with him? No, This is just great accuracy. This is a good 30 P R work on the part of Didi's tickets. I I'd love it. If this is a bit its tongue, and she could sits funny. He's making fun of the media. The benefit they don't forget about me over here. This is the kind of like PR Hollywood crap that I just think, Okay, Somebody should just get a little bonus for coming up with that. That's kind of kind of a good idea. Okay. Now, here's another Bennifer news. Page six posted a story that suggests that supposedly Ben and J. Lo were considering an Instagram debut before the paparazzi. Awarded their plans. Do you buy this? No. I don't think that she would do that. Don't think that they would sit down and collaborate and think that I don't feel like that. They don't need to Bingo. Don't need this. I could see a Kardashian doing us. Yes, totally. We would totally buy that. But no love to be. There is if she spent any time worrying about how to let people know, But I do think he has a team that make sure she is seen and seen and seen. That's right. That's her job she wants. He is out there. She's out there, but I mean, I don't think they were going to go. Instagram official. I don't buy that story one. No, I don't either. But now they're back in l. A. I wouldn't be surprised of team. Alex Rodriguez was the sourcing on that, because, of course, was trying to buy our team right now. But You know, because she moved on so quickly. Quote unquote all they were going to unroll it. No way They never were. Okay, So let's say we get some stuff to Hollywood Speak when it comes to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills asked me so last night we had We had a couple of juicy things. We'll start with Erica Jane. Painful. The girls are on a trip to Tahoe. And I love Krystal. The new new house Ways really love her and loving Garcelle love. And But you know Kathy Hilton and are immovable face, Michael. I know you never watch the show, but you saw strange watch. Somebody talked while their lips don't move. It's like Kathy Hilton. Okay, because it's like someone put a nose and a mouth on a telephone pole. Yeah. You know how in cartooning it moves, you know, one of my mama. Your face is not that she's a very She seems like she seemed so fun. She seems like she's class list, but no funny And what? Just no fun. I guess. No fun vibe from her and not Andrew and she can't act. She can't talk. So I mean, I was like, so they're playing so they don't how they know each other, And there's some awkwardness because Garcelle called out Lisa Rinna. On what a crappy friend she was. Do the fish Richards and you know who are you? Because like, why would you believe this? Brandi Glanville. You know, uh on so, um anyway, so they playing the game? They're staying at this house to really a lot to go toe like towel. Never been Never been feeling like I want to go to leave town. My sister, you ski there? Yeah, I've skied there stayed there of gambled their romance there. To resort meeting there once I've been there, like retirement accent, um, you know, maybe maybe that might have been at that level. No, I never street I literally have never been there and I was beautiful. I know. I want to go home. Okay, so they're playing two truths and a lie. And when it's Erica's turn, and she is just such a great Biagio. Oh, never met someone crab beer and cold as ice be on, And then I shoot her look and everything. So Erica's three twos in a lie or two truths and a lie were given to me. And now you expect me to have that? Well, I haven't just hold on. All right. Just hold on. Oh, dear. You putting me on the spot, but I just need the whole I haven't He was in the mom. Yeah, I know. She was in the mob. Okay? No, it wasn't that, Laurie. I once for a thing. Once were just well, then talk amongst yourselves. Okay, Okay. All right. All right. I've got mine. Here it is. Are you ready? Yeah. I wore a wire and was a witness in a government case. That was the first one on my job dropped. I'm adopted and I used to work for the Mafia. Okay. The lie is the mob. She was adopted. And the fact that she let us know on TV. She took the deal with the feds and ratted on her husband. I wore a wire was a witness in a government case. Yeah, that's what that means. She's doing the whole snitch on and so then Christophe Wives would be disgusted with that, Okay? And then they said, Well, we'll have to go off camera about that, and I mean, I was just like I cannot believe she said that on camera, but I thought if she's already done that this is explains why she's parading around on Instagram. He's already protected. He's already protected. But is she You know, I wore wire and was a witness in a government case against her husband and this was taped. Okay, so this this episode was taped October 28th. And she filed for divorce from Tom Girardi, who elections? They don't rember third Election day for people can't remember that, you know, but she did that. Strategically, nobody files for you know what I mean? That was like a strategic. Think it was such a weird thing, you know, But anyway, um Marcelle Bo Bae when she says to Kaio Hilton last name because Kyle Hilton called her out at the Reed Richards how Richard called Garcelle out at the reunion, saying You came to my charity event. You didn't pay the money and Garcelle. They went to lunch and just looked at her and she said, Kyle, would you have said that to me if I was one of your white friends? And Kyle just looked so shocked. And I thought, Yeah, Kyle, answer that thing because that was Kyle can play low blows. She does it all the time. And she always but no, she did. She did, she said. After that, she said, You know what? I was feeling hurt. He said something but but what she didn't get it is that is that Garcelle had to explain to her. Don't you realize there's this image black people don't pay their rent. That was in Kyle. She's like the fact that I have to be educating you when you can't realize why that would be bad to say. Anybody? Yeah,.

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