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This is going to be the longest ever are you of mind. I think so. And I think the only look there are eight hundred thousand people that are really affected by this. Yeah. And some of them are automatically going to be paid roughly about half of them are so when they do return to work in the others it'll have to be approved by congress the other half. And they probably the congress probably will down the road that being said, we're talking about eight hundred thousand people these are people who elected to go go into the federal government to work, and they they do pretty well. I mean, they pay grade is is pretty good the benefits of very good health insurance benefits are very good. Good. The vacations are good. The holidays are good. Everything is good about a federal job today. So they were going into all this knowing full, well what the benefits were. And also, what some of the negatives could be because if you know, if the government is not funded, well, then some in some cases, like these eight hundred thousand you're going to be out of work. Yeah. And Landau sympathy. Really? I don't either. Because as you said, the money's good. And we have John F Kennedy to thank for that. He's the guy who pushed through the law and sign the Bill that gave federal workers, basically equal pay because people weren't going to work in federal jobs because the government never paid the same. You're absolutely right. And you could say the same thing about state workers. I remember when I was a teenager. And you know, you're looking around for job. And I remember people's, you know, saying to me, well, you could always. You know, get a job with the government. And basically the government was looked upon as the the the last option you might have because most people were going to get paid more in the private sector so to lure people into government jobs. The government agencies local state, federal whatever to lower them and gave them all these benefits thirty days of sick leave you could accumulate vacation time sick time. And all this other kind of stuff like that. Then lo and behold, the federal government and state employees to but particularly the federal government employees became unionized Dell they got along with the benefits, and we're paying for it. All I'm sorry. That's right. Gig man is is loose dates like annoyed though, and New York and California now have pension liabilities that are going to bankrupt the state, and and nobody in the public sector, those those public sector unions is saying, well, let's say the state will cut back. None of them. None of them will do that. But she would do we have time to talk to Joe into moaning, Joe hang on. We're going to deal with you around the corner on my list here. I think Frank has something you got something here. Yes. I certainly do. In fact, it'd be honest with you. I think I think we missed one from earlier, but we did. But I want to tell you, you know, about Joe can you hear me? Okay. Can you really hear me too much? Yes. Then this doesn't apply. Can't hear me this morning either. Tuneup your turn up your radio here. Frank, listen. And if you have any kind of a hearing.

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