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Hammer them, and it was just it was it all happened so fast. And I'll never forget it. He was Snot, not the mouth like ready to fight, and it was interesting because when we keep them out. We found an old bullet. In his neck. That's crazy and. His hide was so thick though like I don't like. It was probably about this much into the meat through the hide. It was healed up around it like it obviously didn't penetrate very much, but. He was an older bull for sure like we kind of figured, he was probably a heard bullet one time and then got kicked out. Because he was a bit older, but From then on. It's elk fever like I cannot wait to get out. And Hunt Elk. What about like what's what's what's one? Rut story that comes to mind. have so many but. One thing I'll say before we get into a story as I've called elk now in subscribe British Columbia. Montana Wyoming, Arizona, and I one thing I will say is. Elk! React the same in every location that I've ever called Elkin. I've never done the Roosevelt Elk, but I'm assuming the the the the react exact same just this last year. Forty five minutes from Johnny would not believe the some of the biggest elkins scratch here and a buddy of mine God drawn, and he wanted me to come out and call for them an idea. It was absolutely incredible at brought me back to the days of hike in the mountains of BC, because Elk nearly react the same wherever they are so when it comes to the technique for calling I. Guess what I'm what I'm talking about. But I got so many stories, but Probably one of the best stories. I have a both. A whistling goal would have to be there is there's this fella from? Pennsylvania, when I was guiding I remember. One one of the things I just love doing was I love taking the little guy the guy that had to save up for fifteen twenty years to go on a trip because I mean. Let's face it when we went on out. In L. Fits. We got. People knew that it was just. It was nothing for them to pay for come there, but for somebody like that I would consider myself or somebody somebody like me. I love taken those guys and I. I mean I'm not going to work extra hard. But I really dug in deep when I had the so this guy. I remember he flew in from Pennsylvania and this particular time. It's weird, my wife. Who isn't hunter? Came with me to the Bush for three weeks to experience, what was like for me and I remember she had spotted from the main cow on a mountainside.

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