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Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. All right, let's head over to Steve dresner, morning Steve. Good morning, Joan will start with football's preseason game two for the commander's later this afternoon. There will be a 4 o'clock kick-off from Kansas City. Now head coach Ron Rivera has said a healthy lineup remains a concern, but one of today's goals will be playing the first team for at least one full hand. Ideally, I'd like to play him the whole half, okay? I really would, but I don't know if we can get that done with some of the soft tissue injuries we've had to deal with. Commanders looking for their first win of the preseason, again, they'll be a 4 o'clock kick-off from Kansas City to baseball. Nats quick road trip out west thus far as success last night, a three run 9th inning helped them to beat San Diego 6 to three, game three of this four game set coming up this evening at 8 40 star Josiah gray on the mound for the nets. American League action, it certainly was a slugfest last night at Camden yards. The Orioles with 18 hits, 5 home runs, they did beat Boston 15 to ten. They've remained a game and a half out of that third and final playoff spot in the American League series continues. This afternoon Kyle Brady on the mound for the O's. And golf, PG's BMW championship from Wilmington, Delaware, Adam Scott, it's a top the leaderboard 8 under par, followed by Jordan Spieth Scottie scheffler in two others at 7 under par, defending champ, Patrick cantlay right behind at 6 under along with four other golfers. Steve dresner, WTO sports

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