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You. Thank you for having. So of big question to start things off what do you think the state of the restaurant businesses in the United States given Kobe characterize things right now. Not Good. It's the covert has expose a lot of the underlying. Issues. All. Industries. Had and unthinking a lot of people have talked about but has been well known and documented. Announced been exposed, right the the fragile working environment, the six cost. All of these issues are now sort of front and center in. The conversation is what we do about it. The government is leads to intervene a little bit more not a little bit more a lot more. But I don't know what's going to happen in in. You know saying that it's a lot like that you thousand eight financial prices. Except that, it's not too big to fail too small. Ryan could be worth only you see all these small restaurants on you have the ability to tap. Initial backers presumably to know. But even still, no, we're we're we're we're a predicament ourselves. We still have restaurants. Costs haven't changed. You know it's this is an issue and. Even though we're not technically banks most cash flow that goes into restaurants goes dmitriy out only differences we're not charging interest and and. So, many other businesses are dependent on restaurants whether it's florist. Purveyors artisans. So this is going to have severe repercussions and I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen the issue really is this is an acceleration of ten to fifteen years and. You're going to have the middle squeezed out and you're going to have. Eventual. Recovery of high end in certain high end restaurants are doing well I think high end Sushi talion. Japanese like delivery like Sushi machi roles are doing well, but fast food like how are you if you're an independent restaurant how you supposed to compete against? Companies that have access to public markets. I I mean that's the thing is only applebee's going to survive and those are just the reality. Rhino. Foods and food has to get more expensive. Nobody likes to hear that..

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