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Chime time is three oh nine with demand. Ski in Doyle. I'm big Bill Doyle or more like a game show host. Yeah. Hey, man, you wouldn't understand Joseph? So. The TV monitor to my right. Your left. Why is it displaying Google images all of routine? And has that been up there ever since we start or not I just never noticed that is kind of behind me. So I don't know. I didn't even notice that it was routinely filled until you just mentioned it just picture after picture of rotea any I would suspect don't get it. Kylie more might know, she often puts things up there. And she works for the show. That's on prior does. So she would probably it has to be something with them. Not us. Dennis does like as a talion food. I e yeah. Often, she'll put something stupid up there. Like as an insult or a taunt fat, Jennifer Connelly, right? She lived on that for weeks. I know, but this routine this has to be some sort of attack on Dennis. It's to be I guess, we'll never know the colored spirals. Those are those are always fun. My son loves them. There's veggie sticks. You know, my son eats, teeny tri-colored routine absolutely nothing on it. Nothing. No sauce. No salt. No cheese. What you're going to nothing. You're gonna say without cooking. Can you do that crunch? Oh, this actually goes perfectly. What we're about to talk about. Anyway. I will have to explain this. But strange ways that people eat, and I have to explain why. When when you were when you have the day off on Monday, Joe was filling it over there. And there was this very very brief thing that happened while of like, forty five seconds total. But. It started with him eating those flaming hot Cheetos out of a bowl with a spoon. What he was eating flaming hot Cheetos out of a bowl with a spoon. Well, that's not right. I know the reason though, he gave this reason because you have to be touching orange fingers. Yeah. He didn't want Cheetos fingers. So like this weird prep school. Boy. I dunno is very strange. He fills them up in a bowl. He's eating them with a plastic spoon. I just thought that was very weird. And then that led me to talking about the time that he was trying to eat pizza with a fork. And then that led him to mentioning this other thing that he's done that he actually likes and he hopes is going to catch on recently. He found the new way to eat spaghetti. I saw that. Did you see the little gift whatever you wanna call it? I did. Okay. He takes the fork he twirls the spaghetti up onto the floor. And you can actually see this, by the way, I actually put this this video up on nj one zero one five dot com on the demonstrators Doyle page, and it's under something like stupid way Jovis eating spaghetti, whatever. But he he twirls the spaghetti upon to the fork. And when all of that still dangles down when he can't get all of it on there. He has a pair of office scissors. This happened at work, right? And he's sitting there with officers without having cleaned that I wanted to point that out to these have been around the office for long time. And he took no sanitary provisions at all not at all picked him up and chopped his food with right? And he would cut he would trim the spaghetti that part would fall back on the plate. And then he would eat the less cumbersome fork full, and he would do it again. Get more the dangles or handling or haggling. The dangles hanging down. And then again, he picks up the officers and trims the spaghetti with. It's. And he he is such a believer in this. Now, he says he's doing it at home. He says he hopes this catches on across the United States. I don't know why. He's gonna get money out of it. And as an informational service to anyone who else might who might use scissors in this building. I've been led to believe that he didn't wash them afterwards. Now, I didn't know that he didn't wash him before he didn't wash him after. Ooh. And this just got me thinking about a number of things just about strange ways, people might eat things like that fork business, for example, is it? Okay. And this is probably the best question on a place like New Jersey. Is it a violation of all things? Holy to New Jersey. Eat pizza with a fork and a knife. Yes. Or no. And have you ever known people have your kids eating things in strange ways? Have you eaten things in odd ways? Do you? Remember the Seinfeld episode? Where was it? It's quick Spar. It was some kind of candy bar that maybe it was a Snickers that George Costanza started eating with a knife and fork. And then for some weird reason it caught on. And by the end of the episode, everybody New York is eating candy bars with with a knife and a fork, but weird ways people eat thanks now. I have one that I have done. I don't do it. The majority of the time. But sometimes I will one time. Going eat some ice cream. And I noticed that I had cleaned forks, but I had no clean spoons. And I thought you know, what I'm not gonna stop and just clean one spoon. I'm just gonna eat with a fork. So we take her four. And I thought this is actually kind of different and cool because you're tasting the ice cream. Through the prongs through the times of the fork before hitting all of your tongue. It's like a quick little tease and then the full. Yeah. Isn't it problematic? When you get to the bottom of the bowl. As it melts. I mean, I think I was eating right out of the container. Oh, yeah. Oh, this is what I lived alone. Dude. There was nobody else. There was no backwash. I wasn't eating the entire container. But yeah. Like eating ice cream with a fork. And I thought okay, that's a little odd. But it actually made a tastes slightly different. Because of the way it hits your tongue first and then once in a blue moon like once every twenty times since. Just grab a fork on purpose. I have one that's kind of in between what's up the other night. My wife made chicken dines, and there was no sauce on them. And my oldest son's girlfriend was eating with us. The the chicken thigh with your fingers, you pick it up and eat it like it's a piece of chicken or with a knife and fork. Fingers shaded with a knife and Ford and I thought about it. I know my dad wanted I'm more of a chicken, it's finger food type of person. But not everybody is not everybody believes, you know, especially if it's crazy or whatever they don't want to get the grease all over them. So that you with a knife and fork. I don't know unless it's if there's bone in there, then you pick it up if it's just a piece of chicken like if you ever like chicken parmesan. There's no bone in their prepare chicken like that. Then it's nice and four. But yeah, if there's a long chicken tender. Then it reverts to finger food, but if it's wider into a Patty, no, I think even the chicken tender, you use a knife and a four really unless it's a chicken fry from Burger King where it's round not flat like a tender then it's finger. What if it's not a tender? What if it's nugget? Oh, that's finger food. So at what size does it change from being finger food tonight and fork food. Or is it what with could be wit? I'm not sure exactly. But it's like, I know it when I say. Never thought about what kind of strange ways people eat, and this could be basically like anything one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years fast.

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