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Panthers avoided being down three lovin this serious with a stunning come from behind, OT win couple of nights ago, a guy who had one quite historic goal in Florida hockey lore is Bill Lindsay was their current radio color analyst. Unless he kind enough to give us a few minutes with his thoughts on this one bill, You scored the winning goal to give the Panthers their first ever playoff series win back in 96. So you know what playoff pressures about talk about this Syriza and what it's like from an in state rivalry standpoint. Seven years in the making between this floor in Tampa Bay, Syria's It's been a long time and everyone was wondering if they were ever going to meet the playoffs with these two teams ever going to be really good at the same time, And finally everything came together this year and that this playoff series has been everything and Morris had all the emotions the ups and downs the roller coaster rides. Tampa Bay was able to get the first two games the Panthers down back five threes, the deficit going into the third win in overtime, and then it goes all the way back Temple be was 41 old. If you go back to last year when leading after two periods, so was almost an unbreakable streak, But the Panthers found the way to punch their way through. For a couple of goals in the third period and the must win situation and Brian Lumber gets the overtime winner, so it went from a situation that looked very bleak. Where the Panthers now have a chance in this Syriza and this Florida, Tampa Bay, Syriza everyone. There's a lot of buzz around it. It's been really good for the game of hockey. It's been good for the The state of Florida the growth of the game down here that and this series is offered up a lot, and I'm sure you had Lemberg in your pool toe score the overtime goal, right? A triple. I actually said to Doug wagons because the way that lumber was playing down the stretch, and he wasn't a regular in our line up until maybe the last 10 or 15 games in the season. And he got himself a job by playing hard hitting everything. Mentioned himself in that four point role, and I told my radio partner Doug Klingons. I said through the playoffs, Ryan Long Berg is going to score an important goal. At some point. I didn't know what whether it be Tiger or something, but it ended up being the biggest goal of the Syriza. So far, he plays hard gets watching. Chances is just not an actual finisher. Did not have him in my post. He was not like take the scores. The overtime winner. But a guy that has done everything for this team. He would run through a brick wall, and the team was ecstatic for money. Scored Everyone in that pantry locker room just kind of embraced. Ryan Long. Berg is the hero were with Panthers radio commentator Build Lindsay and Bill. I gotta ask you about Bobrovsky and coming off the bench and Going nine for nine and saves That's gonna be a huge emotional boost is well. Rossi come off the bench is big for the Panthers going to get the start 12 30 Saturday. That Roland and the luxury the Panthers have is to quality goaltenders. Chris Traeger hadn't excellent season, but Broschi with what he's done in the past. He's a proven goaltender. No. You go to Bobrovsky and National s key on the other side of the Panthers have gotten to him. They scored some goals. National Escape played a lot of hockey during the regular season, and he is the only option for Tampa Bay. The Panthers get a fresh goaltender and bobrovsky that didn't play. The game before game number four or three and only played a period in overtime in Game three. He's rested. Rush healthy and ready to go. So Panthers having that goaltending rotation. In Bobrovsky getting said he is eager to get in the net for Game four improved that it's his crease. And last thing Bill Lindsay. What do you think the Panthers need to improve on in this game for to get this Syriza? Even It's a big one. For what the Panthers have to improve on. They've got to make sure the penalty kill has to be better that they got to figure something out. Three for four in Game number one on the power play for Tampa Bay two for three in game number three. When they get on the power play. Tampa Bay looks like almost every time that they're going to score a goal, the Panthers have to find a way to kill some penalties. And game number four. You go into the starts, you have to get off to a good start. The first goal is going to be big, because when the Panthers play with the lead and have the lead, they just Was tampered out of their comfort zone T press a little bit so we'll go at it in the pen. I know the Panthers came from behind, but in game number four, you don't want to try and roll that dice and have that same sort of scenario, so companies have to find a way. You get a lead and trying to contain that lead throughout the game. That's Panthers. Radio color man. Bill Lindsay, you broken down nicely. Listen for special teams in this one. Coming up. Next. We'll hear from players side of things. My chat with lightning center Anthony Surreally closing in on opening face off Florida at Tampa Bay in conjunction with NBC Sports, You are listening to the Family

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