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It is going to be an awesome series that starts next week so make sure you don't miss out but for today we're going to get into the world of basketball now if you're a basketball fan you know. It's that time of the year where everyone or well mostly. Everyone is feeling out there. Nc double a. tournament brackets. So i thought it'd be really cool to interview someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to the world of college basketball also want to partner with a good friend of mine and someone. I work close with at my church since we are both huge college basketball fans so today i partner up with rusty. George who is the lead pastor of real life church and host of the leading simple podcasts. Rusty is a great passer leader friend. Who's also been on the podcast before. And he's an author his most recent book after amen. What to do while waiting on god. It's such a great and you can pick up a copy at his website. Pastor rusty george dot com. We also got together to interview former division one coach and current. Espn college basketball analyst. Jimmy dykes jimmy. Actually recently wrote a book. A great book called the film doesn't lie evaluating your life one play at a time and you can pick that book up on amazon. Well aside for you guys to listen to this episode. it's gonna be really fun. So without further ado rusty takes away. Jimmy dykes thank you so much for joining us. You're the hardest working man in show business right now former coach for player basketball analyst for espn called over fifty games this year and now talking hoops with us about the nc double a. Tournament jimmy. there's a lot of people that listen to this show that they love basketball and they've already filled out multiple brackets. And then you have some that. They're just kind of forced to fill out a bracket. Because you know it's there the thing they're family does or a group at work does And we need help. We need you to take this. This thing called March madness and make it a little bit clearer for us. So michael of arrogant of this fire some questions that you before we get into the five. I have a question. I've always wanted to know i've googled it. I can't get an answer from anyone but there's an expression that is used when you fill out a bracket that if you always take the high seed or the top seed. You're going.

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