Robin Ville, Michael Hunter, Joseph Parker discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix


But i believe that you know as we're looking at this heavyweight landscape of now i we've got a joshua usa going on september twenty fifth followed by october ninth tyson fury. The wilder three. You know the rest of these heavyweights are sort of like in this round robin ville and you know like michael hunter is going to have to select someone else. Prompt with prominent name. I mean you know you can look at the zone fighters and maybe like someone. Someone joseph parker would be someone that he could take on. I mean i'd love to see him Potentially even though it would be against the pbc guy luis ortiz. Or even andy ruiz Those would be the type to fight that. I would like to see hunter end. Because let's be honest. He still needs after that after that. Fight with He needs to prove that he can beat the fighters of that caliber. And if he can do so then absolutely. I mean i think the guy is a young athletic Strong guy with a lot of personality and It'd be great. It'd be a great thing for him. He definitely has upside..

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